Chapter 45

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Alice’s P.O.V.

As soon as I see the outfit I have to wear, I cringe at the thought. I mean it’s a bikini top and some shorts that basically means your arse is hanging out anyway so I might as well just be in my underwear! I mean what is wrong with people? Do they not realise most people aren’t comfortable in their bodies?

“I’m getting changed, I’m not doing this in this” I say putting extra emphasis on the last ‘this’ as I stand looking at myself in the mirror. 

“It’ll be fine. We all have to wear it. No one will know it’s you back home anyway!” Amy says, standing by me in the mirror. 

“Right we’ve got to send you to the hair department now!” one of the leaders for this video shouts from the trailer door. I just sigh and follow him out where I get lead to another trailer and told to sit in another seat. I sit down and look in the mirror. Then the hair stylist begins to play with my hair until after about fifteen minutes they tell me they are done.

“I think that should do it” the stylist says to me and I look in the mirror. I think that’s the only think I like about the outfit. It’s styled in a loose up do, various wisps of hair styled to hang out. We then get sent to the makeup department where we are only there for a few minutes. They brush a few sweeps of foundation on my face and some mascara and then they tell me to leave and get ready for the video. As I’m walking out I can see the makeup people finishing up on Nathan and the crinkles he keeps making in his face just makes me laugh. I then head out the door and wait for instructions.

Nathan’s P.O.V.

I finish up in makeup and then head outside where I see everyone is already waiting and I’m the last one. Just then they all stand up and I see Alice stood there. She looks at me and smiles. She looks amazing. I then realise I’m staring at her and turn away. That’s it. I have to tell her when we get back, there’s no way around that. 

“Right Tom, Max, Siva, head over there towards that gazebo. Nathan, head over to those lights and Jay head over to that car. Rhiannon, Amy, Katie, follow Tom, Max and Siva. Alice, go to Jay. Nathan, you’ll have that blonde dancer over there” the director says to us all. I felt a slight pang of disappointment as Alice was told to go with Jay. As I looked at Alice she didn’t even look like she cared. There’s no hope for me then. I do as I’m told and head over to the lights where camera men go all over the place and start to film us. I have to sing whilst the dancer dances around me and then all of a sudden I’m told I have to act intimate with the blonde dancer. She looked enthusiastic to be able to kiss me, but I felt sick. I didn’t know why, I just did. I didn’t want it to be her. I wanted it to be Alice. Although I was sure she didn’t feel the same way. The music begins to play again and as I lean in and begin to kiss the dancer the director yells cut. Urgh! What now?! I just want to get this over with.

“This isn’t right. Alice, swap with that blonde dancer. The chemistry just isn’t there and the kiss between Nathan and her is completely unrealistic.” Suddenly a sweep of excitement went over me. I would get to kiss Alice, not for the first time either. It wouldn’t be just an ordinary kiss either. Alice walks over to me and soon the music begins to play again. Alice begins to dance around me whilst I’m singing and when I have to stop singing it’s time for the kiss. At this point I could barely contain my excitement. I was struggling to stifle a grin as we leant in to kiss eachother. It didn’t last very long and I felt a pang of disappointment when it was over but the kiss….well it was magical. 

“That’s more like it” the director says. “We have just a few more scenes to do and with the rate we’re going, we’ll be done by the end of tonight. I’d just like to say you’re all doing brilliantly.” He says and we continue filming for a few hours.

*A few hours later. Still Nathan’s P.O.V.*

“That’s brilliant guys! Well done, I think that’s all the scenes we need to be honest. I don’t think we’re going to need you to come back here tomorrow but if we do, we’ll call you. I’ve got to say I know this will be a brilliant video. Anyway, that’s a wrap and you can all leave now” the director says and this makes me happier. I then walk over to where all the lads are stood looking confused.

“Erm, what’s going on?” I ask not sure I actually want to know.

“Well Jay forgot to book a hotel!” Max says sounding quite angry.

“It’s not my fault, I had a lot on my mind!” Jay protests.

“I have to say I agree with Jay. We can’t always rely on him can we? We have a load of tents and stuff, why don’t we camp? There’s booze as well Tom, before you ask. I’m sure you can all survive that right?” I say to them.

“Well that’s us sorted then!” Tom says where we all proceed to the van that has the tents and sleeping bags in. 

*A few hours later.*

Alice’s P.O.V.

We are all completely drunk out of our minds. We’ve been dancing around the campfire with the dancers and the lads singing our hearts out and drinking beer. I’m not usually one for drinking beer but I just felt like a change tonight. I’ve gotten to know some of the dancers and they seem ever so nice! I’m having an amazing time and everyone looks like they are having so much fun. Katie and Max, dancing together, grinding down eachother. Tom and Rhiannon just sat having a laugh, unusual for him, Siva and Amy, slow dancing even though there is no slow music to dance to, but I suppose it’s still sweet. Jay is dancing round on his own. He’s probably the most drunk out of all of us and I don’t blame him since Jacky isn’t here. Nathan looks like he’s getting to know some of the dancers and I’m just drinking beer and dancing along to the music, not caring what people think of me. All of a sudden I feel the overwhelming need to pee. I suppose I haven’t been all day and I have drank like 5 bottles of beer now. Since there isn’t a toilet around I have no choice but to pee in a bush. 


I sneak off into the bush and just as I’m about to pull my shorts down, (I’m still wearing the costume I had to wear for the video and surprisingly, I don’t actually care that much anymore), I hear some movements close to me. I then move, conscious someone is watching me and then go to pee. I then pull my shorts up and start to walk back to the campfire. When I get to the spot I was about to pee in the first time, I hear some more movements. I brush them off as a squirrel or something when all of a sudden I feel someone grab me and push me against a tree. They start to kiss me, roughly. I can’t see who they are I just know they are slightly taller than me. As they kiss me, I don’t try to resist. Although there is the scent of alcohol present, their normal smell overtook this and made me give in. I continue to kiss, my hand running through his hair. Which is surprisingly silky. I have a hunch who it could be, I recognise the smell and the silky hair but I didn’t want to press the matter in fear of running the mood. He slowly starts to kiss my neck but then stops. He takes my hand and begins to lead me somewhere. I then hear a zip where he takes me inside a small enclosure and I can tell it’s a tent. He continues to kiss me once we are inside and I collapse on the floor, wanting things to go further. He falls on top of me and I roughly pull his shirt over his head where as he kisses me, I trace my fingers over his chest. Not exceptionally large muscles as far as I could tell, but that didn’t matter. 

All I wanted right there was him. 

Things soon began to get more heated and one thing led to another until well….we had sex. I didn’t know who it was throughout it, but that didn’t matter to me. As I was thinking previously.

All I wanted was him. No one else mattered right then. It was just about me and him, the mystery guy.

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