Four months had passed since Bella moved in. An today was the day I was going to ask me to marry me. I am taking her to the place where we first kiss which is outside her doorstep.

We are getting ready to leave and I blindfold her. I take her to Olga's house and Olga is standing behind her ready to take the blind fold off. I give Olga the signal which is where I get down on one knee.

Olga takes the blindfold off and Bella gasps and says "yes! A thousand bajillion times yes!!". I get up and kiss her. I slip the ring on her finger and she holds it out in front of her. "it's gorgeous." she whispers.

"Bella, I love you"

"I love you too Shane.". She turns around a yells "Olga! How long were you standing there?!"

"saw the whole thing!" she says and hugs her.

This is it I'm gonna make a sequel I don't know what I'm gonna call it. I usually don't publish these things till they are finished, so it may be a while. Comments I enjoy!! Give me your suggestions on the title and I will pick a winner and they will be one of Shane's and Bella's kids.

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