Chapter 44

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Jay’s P.O.V.

Right now I’m in the car taking Jacky to the airport, once again. We are staying completely silent. Neither of us knowing what to say and not only that but also we just want to make this moment last as long as we can. We soon arrive at the airport where I take Jacky inside. She is taking two large suitcases since she is going to be gone for two weeks. I’m wheeling one along and the other one is being wheeled along by her. I take her along to check in where her suitcases and hand luggage is weighed and she prints out her ticket. Already I can feel the lump forming in my throat. We still haven’t said a word to eachother. As the worker hands Jacky her ticket, we head off where I take her to security. I can’t go past this point seeing as I’m not getting on the plane so just before she goes through; I hold her hand and we look eachother in the eyes. We don’t say anything we just hug. We didn’t feel it was the right moment to kiss in a passionate embrace right then. We stand there hugging until she pulls away.

“Jay, I have to go” she says to me, regret filling her eyes.

“I know, I’m going to miss you” I say to her even though it’s an obvious.

“I’ll miss you to Jay” she says before hugging me one last time. As she walks away and gets through security, she looks at me and mouths ‘I love you’ before turning the corner with her two suitcases. I then feel multiple tears roll down my cheeks.

Tom’s P.O.V.

We’re all waiting at the check in for Jay to arrive. He was meant to be taking Jacky to the airport today and we are even in the same one. He’s taking so long I think we are all starting to wonder if he got on the plane with her. All of a sudden though we see him walking through the crowds of people towards us, his head looking at the floor and his hands in his pockets. He finally gets to us after walking through the crowds of people slowly and then Nathan gets up and hugs Jay. They then both come and join us and as I get a good look at Jay I can see his eyes are slightly red. We all give him a reassuring smile as we stand up and head to the departure gate for our private jet. We had never used a private jet before so we were all fairly excited but management said we were too big of a boyband now to use ordinary planes so I guess we can’t really say anything. We all get onto the plane with me sat next to Rhiannon, Siva sat next to Amy, Max sat next to Rhiannon, Jay sat next to Nathan and Alice sat on her own.

“Lally, do you want me to sit next to you?” I ask her. I know Rhiannon was there but Amy and Siva were sat on a three seater seat so she could go and sit next to them. Alice just looks at me and shakes her head.

“Nah I’ll be fine” she tells me before sticking her earphones in and the flight takes off. 

Alice’s P.O.V.

I can’t believe I have to sit here for like the next few hours on my own. It’s like I only ever have my earphones for company these days. Even Tom is never home anymore so it’s like I live on my own. On the plus side though, I’ve finally realised how I feel about Nathan. I’ve decided whether I hate him or whether I don’t. It occurred to me earlier today when I saw him hug Jay after he watched Jacky go. That’s when I realised. 

Nathan’s P.O.V.

I turn around to see Alice sat on her own. I feel so bad. Maybe I should go and sit with her. She wouldn’t like that though, I mean she hates me and not to mention how Tom would react. Every time I look at Alice now, I feel this overwhelming need to tell her that I like her. I just don’t know how to do it. I mean every time I think of a different scenario that could happen and none of them are any good. Each time she reacts in a worse way. I know, I’ll tell her when we get back from America. I can’t tell her now, it will only distract me from the work we have to do so I’ll have to tell her when we get back.

*A few hours later. Still Nathan’s P.O.V.*

We soon arrive at the place we are filming. We land the jet a few miles away from the filming site since it is a private jet and we will just use the same one to get home. As soon as we get out we collect our luggage and put it in all our taxis that take us to the film site. It takes about ten minutes to get there so it isn’t a very long car journey. When we get there we see there is nothing there. Just a few trailers, tents and lights etc that would set the scene for our video. It looked perfect, I already knew this would be one of the best videos we would make. As soon as we enter the site we are told to get to work straight the way. We have to go to the costume department first where our clothes have already been picked out and surprisingly, they aren’t half bad. 

Alice’s P.O.V.

I follow Tom and all the rest of the lads along with the girls over to the costume department since I don’t really have much else to do and I want to see what they are wearing anyway. All of a sudden one of the directors for the video come up to the lads and management who are stood with them.

“There’s a big problem” he begins.

“What is it this time?!” Martin says sounding really annoyed.

“Well most of the dancers haven’t bothered to turn up so we’re short of dancers for the video” the director says. 

“Well we can’t delay! The boys have a got a very busy schedule!” Martin says, louder and angrier to. Me, Rhiannon, Amy and Katie walk next to the lads to see what is going on. Suddenly the director looks at us and a smiles grows on his face.

“It’s ok, these girls can take their places” he says. Suddenly shock and panic runs through my body. One I can’t dance and two, I am not wearing one of those skimpy outfits! 

“Now way” Tom says. “Do you really think I’m going to let my girlfriend and my little sister take part in all of this?” he asks sounding kind of angry. I’m not surprised either to be fair. 

“Well if they don’t then we wont be able to film for like another two weeks.”

“Tom, I think we should just let them. I mean we need to release this next week. No one will know it is them anyway” Jay says trying to reason with him. 

“Fine, just don’t make them wear anything they don’t feel comfortable in!” Tom says and then he looks at me and Rhiannon in an apologetic way.

Oh great.

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