"So? Did you do the deed? So, How was it? Was he any good?"

"Preesha, why do even want to know? And why do need to if my husband is any good?"

"I want to know!! Tell me? I am your cousin! Please?"

I didn't want it be suspicious, since her mother is one of the religious ones in our family. So I just shied away and tuck strands of hair behind my ear. "Well, It hurt at first, but it was okay afterwards."

"Was he experienced?"

"Um, I'm not really sure."

I pretended to be shy again and turned to my food. Preesha lurks around for a minutes awkwardly, unable to get my attention. She finally returns to her friends after I show that I'm not interested to talk about it.

My mother in law walks in, a spring in her step. She looks at the food I made
and smiles ever so graciously. I serve her food and wait until she tasted it. She signals that it's great.

"Who taught you to cook?"

"My father. We used to cook together."

"That's so sweet. Aniket can cook too. Sometimes it's really bad though. But don't tell I told you."

I laugh. "He told me. He said you taught him over the phone."

"You're really close," she observes.

"We starting to learn about each other."

She nods at me. My father-in-law and my Papi come in next. I serve food for him and my father, and wait for Aniket to come down.

When he doesn't, I go upstairs to check on him. He is sleeping on the bed once again. "Aniket!" I shake him. He groans and turns around to hug his pillow. "You have to wake up! Everyone is waiting for you."


"I don't know. They want to see you. I've had to cover you on your behalf."

"Let me sleep, Krithi. I'm tired."

"You can sleep after they go. And I need to get to work!"

"Work? Why do you have to go today?"

"Because I have a heart patient waiting for a heart transplant! Now, get your—

"Hello," said a venomous voice. I turned to look at Preesha's snake of a mother. "Just checking up on the newly married couple." Her cat-like eyes immediately move to bed, where the red splotch of blood was still visible. I smiled crookedly, reflecting the one the sick snake was wearing. If she knew about the 'consummation', then everyone would come to know. Perfect.

I had to thank my genius mother for the plan.

Aniket sat up immediately, but lazily getting out of bed. He unwrapped himself from the white bedsheets, careful not to touch the blood. The sight of him with only his boxers, made my cheeks warm. Preesha's mother stared at me, and then at the half naked Aniket and immediately left the room, probably to gossip to his side of the family of how Aniket has been seduced by me. She will tell everyone that I'm an evil witch who would give up my innocence to keep my husband under my thumb. Great, as if I needed any drama in my race of a life.

I looked at the time, it was already six thirty. I don't have a way of getting to the hospital, so I would probably have to ask Aniket to drop me off since I don't know the exact bus route from here to the hospital. It would also be costly and not entirely environment-friendly to go in a Auto rickshaw.

I sit on the bed, twiddling with my hands and counting backwards in my head from one-thousand. I tend to that when I'm facing a incredibly strong emotion, or just thinking. I watched the clock tick by on the gold watch I was wearing. I was about to leave the room and find my Papi to convince him to give me a ride, when Aniket shows up in the a casual black v-neck shirt and blue jeans I selected for him to wear. I was preparing a mental list of times I could check out my handsome husband without him noticing, when I noticed Aniket was three inches away from me. He looked me in the eyes, and said: "You're coffee beats mine."

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