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I got up to the door, turned to see Alex getting back up and I rushed to get to the front door. I pulled it open and slammed it behind me. All I knew was that I had to run, run and get as far away from my own house as possible.

It’s like my dream that I had, except for the car accident and the hospital. If I hadn’t shouted and then kicked him where it hurts.

Alex could’ve raped me.

I couldn’t believe it, my own boyfriend tried to practically rape me. I just ran and ran, then I remembered what I had to do, I slowed down a little and then pulled out the little piece of paper that was in my pocket.

I shoved it back into my pocket once I knew where I was going and carried on running. I’d look back every so often just to check that no one was following me, and then It began to rain.

Heavily as well.

I was only a few minutes away from his house but I was already soaked to the bone, my clothes began to feel heavy on my skin as they dragged and slowed me down a little bit as well. I got to my destination and looked up, what I saw before me wasn’t a house, but more like a mansion.

How could he of been able to afford this?

I went up to the front door and banged as hard as I could on the door. Then the front door swung open in a panic and all I saw was my uncle stood there with guacamole smothered all over his face.

“What’s wrong?” he obviously noticed my tear streaked face.

“What’s up with your face?!” I asked him back.

“I asked you first,” He pointed a potato chip towards me, then swiped across his cheek and then ate it.

 It was completely gross but it humoured me at the same time. I laughed at it and then swiped away a tear from my face and looked back up to him.

Even through the guac I could tell that he was worried about me.

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