Justin's P.O.V 

May 22th.

"Ready to take them to the surprise?" Ryan asked me. 

"Yeah.. I think they will love it!" I said nodding my head. 

"I think so too. Alright thanks man" 

"No problem. Meet you there?" 


"Bye" He told me and I walked back into my hotel room. 

Megan was sitting on the desk chair on her laptop. 

"Hey babe" I said while walking towards her. 

"Hey" She said smiling and looking at me. 

She pushed the chair back and I picked her up and sat on the chair and put her on my lap. 

"I have a surprise for you" 

"Justin... Really?" She said. 

"Seriously, come on let's go" 



"Alright. I just need to go put some make-up on" 

"Babe please don't you look so beautiful without it please" I begged her. 

I kissed her cheek a couple times. 

"Justin that tickles" She said giggling. 

"How?" I asked her. 

"You need to shave" 

"I do?" 

"Yes please Justin" 

"Sure I'll be back in a little" 

"Mkay love you" 

"Love you too" 

I moved her away from my lap putting her back on the chair. I started walking off but turned around and walked backwards. 

"Don't put make up" I told Megan while pointing a finger at her. 

"I know!" She said. 

She looked over at me. 

"Justin the wall!" 

Before I could notice I bashed into the wall. 

"Ouch" I mumbled while turned towards the bathroom. 

"You ok?" Megan asked. 

"I'm good" I said while rubbing my arm. 

"Clumsy Justin" 

"I am not clumsy!" 

"What about that one time you bashed into the glass doors... That one time we were walking and you tripped that one time you dropped the plate of food... That one-" 

"I got it... I understand don't make me feel even more clumsy" 

"I'm clumsy too don't worry baby" 

"Want me to remind you of some stuff you did?" I asked her. 

"NO!" She begged. 

"Fine I won't I'll be a nice husband" 



"Ready guys?" Ryan asked the girls. 

"Yes!" They both said. 

"Open your eyes when we tell you to" 

We waited a little and I looked over at Ryan and he nodded his head. 

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