The Way Night Pulls You...

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What is the Night?

Around you so cold...

A figure with a cloak,

ancient and old.

Sweeping you up,

getting in your head,

his mesmerizing eye

puts you past bed.

It throws you in a world

covered in sleet,

cloudy and random,

beyond normal sleep.

Through mountains cold,

and deserts dry,

magic squires

are flying by...

A king, queen, or jack

dance in mind,

a feather is light a bare,

left behind.

In a world of darkness,

Night, with his sword

a steed in order,

whom he is aboard,

is chased out of mind,

until we meet

the Night with 

his cloak,

ready to sweep,

you back once more

to land lost in sleep...

He is tucked in a corner

to return from day,

the Night is hiding,


to come out and play.

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