The Barrens

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       The Barrens. They are exactly what they sound like. Barren. But the thing is, it sounds like a desert, as barren and as dangerous as the Sahara. And it is, if not more so. It is a forest too, and an ocean and tundra. Its complicated. Not easily conceived by the simple human mind, or the intelligent mind either. Too down to Earth. You must be thinking that there are only human beings on Earth so therefore, nobody could even conceive this wild idea of The Barrens. But there you are wrong. There are people. Even like us in some ways. They are living in our society as everyday people. Let's get back on topic shall we? I wouldn't want to scare you.

       Some humans, you see, are different. They live a normal life, but they are a little more up in the sky and can easily conceive the existence of The Barrens. Or other unnatural phenomena. Such as aliens, manticors and other mythical creatures found in only one place on Earth: The Barrens.

       This might sound like a childish book because I am basically talking to you, but I trust to you, the reason I am talking like this is so that you learn! Learn about the other things out there and how to avoid them. From my personal experience you would not want to encounter many unknown creatures. But the thing you want to avoid most is home to many creatures, both known to man, and unknown:

The Barrens

The only thing more dangerous than a day in The Barrens. Is night. Beware when the sun sets...

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