Chapter 2

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Lib sat on the sofa next to the man she had called simply staring ahead. Occasionally her hand would twitch into a fist and her head would whip around to glare at the man next to her. This had been happening for the hour since they had taken care of Bree together.Memories resounded in her head.

*** "I have to go away but I can't tell Bree and neither of you can know why. If Bree is in trouble call this number- no one else. For her life." With that Richard walked from the small house without looking back. Lib had stared at him with a smile on her face thinking that he was joking and he would turn around at any minute.

He didn't. He had left a note for Bree simply saying that he didn't love her any longer and to not look for him. They had been married for 3 years. This wasn't some stupid teenage angst. They had a home, a life. A pretty average life at that. Bree worked in a sales centre and Richard was a mechanic. They earned enough to keep their modest 2 bedroom home and the occasional romantic weekend away.

When Richard had left Bree had been through the entire grief cycle. Disbeleif, anger, denial and after 6 months a tentative acceptance. The acceptance was only in the bright light of day and the routine working week. The weekends were the tentative parts. In the main Bree would turn to alcohol fuelled binges and drunken romps.

Lib tried to be there to protect her as much as she could but Bree was not meant to be controlled. She would drink herself to oblivion in a bar then find someone, man, woman or both and bring them back to the house. They would love her wildness and be expectant about the gorgeous woman in front of them. She would fuck them with wild abandon all over the house. They didn't realise that she fucked them in the places that Richard and she had already claimed.

The enjoyment would be there for the unknown stranger at the beginning of the session but as time went on a feeling would start at the base of their neck. Something was off. This exotic sexy woman appeared to just be a shell. She made the right noises and knew how to bring them off but her eyes were vacant. Once her lover had reached their peak she silently slid off or out of them and sat vacantly next to them.

She would not utter a single word. The responses were varied. Some would make a hasty escape others tried to take advantage. One man had freaked and started tapping her face lightly. With no response from the beautiful woman his anger had built and the light taps became slaps. Lib walked in midway through this post fuck slapping session. Horrified she had ran across the room punching the man in the neck. Hard.

The man had snapped back to himself and his face dropped to look at his hand in horror. "I'm so fucking sorry. Oh fuck I'm so sorry, she just didn't answer me. Fuck I'm sorry." With that he had gathered his clothes and ran from the house with his dick still swinging free. Lib watched his retreat then turned to Bree ready to berate her stupidity. What she saw on Bree's face froze the blood in her body. Bree had vivid red hand prints on both cheeks but her eyes were front and centre. She didn't cry, she didn't move. Lib knelt in front of her friend shaking her arm and coaxing her to speak. Nothing worked. All she was able to do was lay Bree on her side and cover her with a blanket and she immediately fell into a deep sleep.

Since that night Lib had spent every weekend watching out for Bree. Just watching not stopping her best friend. Bree had to get this out of her system and Lib could only prevent so much. **

Lib couldn't hold her silence any longer. "Do you know what you've put her through you fucking bastard?" Richard stared down at the floor before responding. "I was trying to protect her." Lib snorted. "Your doing a great fucking job. Have you seen that woman in there?" He didn't respond. He raised himself to his feet and walked towards the door. He placed his hand on the lock before turning to the woman still sat on the sofa. "Don't tell her I was here. For her life." With that he left.

Lib shook her head in astonishment at mans stupidity. Suddenly she jumped to her feet and ran for the door flinging it open. "What fucking life?" she screamed and sank to her knees sobbing for her best friend.

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