A/N: This episode was the one I was most looking forward to writing about due to the story finally getting going xD However there are mentions of rape and other things. I am warning you now in case you have any triggers or anything. Please, skip these next two chapters if you have for I do not want to bring back any bad memories for anyone.


I wasn’t bad at poker and nor was I brilliant at it. I sat looking at my cards before shaking my head, throwing my first card down. I was sat playing a game of poker with Dante and Patty, the little girl had won nine ice cream cones so far and I’d won five.

“I fold.”

I watched as Dante laid down his cards with a smirk, going to collect the chips that were on the table. Patty still held her cards and blinked at Dante’s hand. Had he actually won a round?

“Three of a kind. Sorry but it looks like I take this hand, Lady luck’s a pal of mine you know. Well, I’ll just be taking these.”

Patty just placed her cards on the table then slid them out making me burst out in laughter she’d won again. Dante sure did suck at gambling, I didn’t realise he was that bad at it.

“A full house! Sorry there loser but it looks like old lady luck is my best friend this game! I’ll just be taking these~”

Patty reached over and took the chips; I just smirked at her as Dante sighed, clasping his gloved hands together before looking over at the little girl again. I got up and headed to the fridge, grabbing the chocolate éclair that Patty had brought round for me along with a can of Pepsi with cherry in it. I had to admit, that was the one best thing about being in a parallel America, I got to have all the American foods I couldn’t have at home like cherry Pepsi because it was so expensive to have imported. I’d been eating pop tarts by the truckload lately, especially the chocolate chip cookie dough. I opened the can, guzzling the sweet fizzy drink down and gobbled down the éclair before anyone else could touch it. Living with Dante had showed me that you had to be protective of your food; he’d practically eat anything in the fridge even if you labelled it ‘property of Masumi’.

“Huh, you’re pretty good aren’t you? Ok fine, I’ll play another hand with you.”

“Come on! No more cards! More importantly you now owe me ten ice cream cones you know. I want you to buy them now!”

“You’ll make yourself sick if you eat all ten at once, how about one a month?”

“What are you talking about? Don’t you even have enough money to buy ice cream cones?”

I ended up sitting down on the sofa again, lifting my can of drink up as Dante chose to lie down on the same sofa, his head in my lap. I shook my head before glancing over to Patty. The little girl just grinned to me as Dante made a comment.

“You’re pretty comfy, Masumi. Don’t mind me, I’m just getting some shut eye.”

“God you’re so lazy Dante…”

He closed his eyes as I continued to sip my drink, passing it to Patty so she could put it on the table in front of us. I didn’t exactly want to lean forward and give Dante a face full of my lack of boobs. I couldn’t help but start to make little plaits in Dante’s silver locks, laughing to Patty as she passed me some elastic bands to use to hold them in place.


“Doesn’t he look simply fabulous?”

All in all the two of us ended up putting about five small plaits in Dante’s hair, the hunter grumbling as we did so but never tried to stop us or anything, just let us have our fun and mess around with his hair. But seriously, have you seen his hair? I swear to god that he secretly straightens it… He also buys expensive shampoo, the really expensive stuff, he doesn’t know I’ve been using it, my hair always smells like strawberries and it’s softer than normal!

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