Scared to love (a Justin Bieber love story)

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I woke up at the constant buzzing of my alarm clock. I sighed and dragged myself out of bed realizing that today was my last day living on the busy streets of New York. I was really going to miss this all, and as much as my mom tried convincing me that Atlanta would be a better place, i still didn't want to leave my life, my friends, and most importantly my boyfriend. Oh my god Jake. What was i going to tell him, I still haven't mentioned my moving cities to him.

I starred at my phone for a good five minutes before I decided to call him. I dialed his number as the phone rang. Finally, he picked up.

"Oh, it's you." he answered with a groan.

"Um, excuse me? It's you GIRLFRIEND." i answered him while raising my tone.

"Yeah, the one who didn't even care enough to tell me she was moving in one damn day!" he shouted into the phone. I could tell he was red from anger. I felt my fists clench at his attitude towards me.

"I was scared to tell you! I didn't want to lose you! Why do you think I'm calling you now Jake!" i yelled into my phone as my eyes started to water.

"Well Allison...." he never called me by my full name. I could instantly tell this phone call was not going to end well. He continued,"I was going to break up with you a long time ago, I just felt bad for you. But now you gave me the perfect reason to. Have fun with your new life wherever, i honestly don't care."

I stood there in shock. I couldn't believe what i had just heard. I cared about him so much, I did so much for him. I loved him, I'm not so sure if he ever loved me in the first place. Before I could even speak up and answer him the line went dead. I curled myself into a ball landing on the floor crying my eyes out. After a good hour of crying my eyes began to feel heavy and i drifted off into a deep sleep, trying to get rid of the memories of Jake.


Short first chapter but yeah im new at this ! Comment ideeas !

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