Embarrising Accidents

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~Chapter Six~

Rosabel's POV

I woke up the next morning to the feeling of the bed shift next to me. I looked over to see Kaden staring at me.

"Can I help you?" I asked, groggily.

"It's time to get up," he said.

"I thought vampire's sleep during the day," I said.

"Well, I had to get up early, because we have company coming over today," he said.

"And this concerns me?" I asked.

"You're my werewolf. You go where ever I go and I need you to be awake when they're here. You know, so you can make sure I'm safe and they don't go towards Kathy's room," he said.

"Fine. I'll go take a shower," I grumbled. I got up and walked into the bathroom. I turned around to close the door, but stopped when I saw that Kaden followed me. I looked at him questioningly.

"What?" he asked innocently.

"Why did you follow me?" I asked.

"I need to discuss some things with you," he said.

"Can't that wait until after I'm done?" I asked.

"No, we are at a press for time," he argued.

"Fine! But no opening the shower door and no looking while I'm getting undressed," I said.

"Why not? I'm just a vampire," he said.

"Rember what happened yesterday? How you couldn't stop drooling when you saw me?" I asked.

"But-" he started, but I cut him off.

"Do you want to discuss these things or not?" I asked.

"Fine. But you know I'm the one who's supposed to be in control," he grumbled.

"Look how that's working out. Now close your eyes," I ordered. When I made sure his eyes were closed I stripped down and hopped into the shower. I turned the water on and let the warmth sooth my aching musles.

"Can I open my eyes now?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied.

"Ok, so what I needed to tell you was about today," he said.

"Continue," I told him.

"Well with these vistors they might try to take Kathy away from us. So you are going to have to be extra precautious," he explained.

"Does this mean I have to kill more vampires? I had enough vampire blood last night," I complained.

"It's only if they try to take her away," he said.

"Fine," I sighed.

"Good," he said.

"I have one question," I announced.

"Ok," he said.

"Why do you only have me as a wolf if you need me to protect you and a pureblood?" I asked.

"A vampire can only have one wolf and I can't send Kathy to go get her own wolf," he explained.

"That makes since," I said.

"So are you almost done?" Kaden asked.

"No. I still need to wash my hair. You don't have to be in here," I replied.

"No, that's ok," he said.

"Um ok," I muttered. I started to wash my hair when shampoo fell into my eye making it burn. "Ow," I whined.

"Rosabel? Are you ok?" Kaden asked, worriedly.

"Soap. In my eyes," I said.

"I'll get a towel," he said.

"Ok," I said.

"Open the door so I can give it to you," he said.

"But it hurts to open my eyes," I complained.

"Then I'll open it," he said.

"No! Wait!" I protested. I reached for the door, but Kaden had already opened it. Since I was using the walls for support I slipped and fell when I hit the opened door. I screamed, but was caught before I hit the floor.

"Don't worry. I got you," Kaden soothed. I screamed realizing he was the one holding me. What made it worse was I was naked.

"Towel! Towel!" I yelled.

"H-here," he stammered. I quickly wiped my eyes. It was only hand towel so I couldn't cover myself with it. I opened my eyes and saw I was up against his chest and he had a tight embrace on me. His arms were around the small of my back. I could feel the heat in my cheeks. I screamed again and tried to get out of my grip, but he was too strong.

"Kaden! Let me go!" I demanded.

"Oh! Uh sorry," he appologized as soon as he saw that I was trying to get away. He let go and I couldn't find a towel so I quickly turned into wolf. "I'm really sorry, Rosabel!" he said, frantically. I shook my head. The damage was done. I just wanted him to leave. "Ok, I'll leave," he said, walking to the door. He was in my mind again. I walked over to the closet and changed back into my human form. I've never been so embaressed in my life.

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