I hear you grieving…

All through the night

Welcome to my world.

The room despair…”

I sung quietly, the song that Elena sang when she got a debut. Dante glanced at me, listening to Tim again once I had stopped singing. I could see that Dante wanted to say something to me. But he was waiting until Tim was done before he spoke to me.

“Then suddenly, all of our work paid off for something. We got our shot at a major debut and she gradually got more gigs. When we finally got that first album released, something we wanted for so long… We started getting popular. But… These really strange things started to happen to all of the fans who were listening to her records.”

“What strange things?”

“The fans lost themselves in excitement and in the end all sorts of people started committing suicide or even murdering one another for tickets to her concerts. Even Elena herself began to change, the more Elena’s spellbound fans went crazy and out of control, the further she drew away from me and the other guys in the band. And then she just…”

He trailed off before frowning, going off to help some of the other guys lift the boxes of records into the cars. I looked up at Dante as he turned to me, his eyes were studying me, and I felt a blush creep up on my cheeks.


“Are you ok? I saw you couldn’t hold up against her…”

“No, I can… I just…”

“Masumi, you were shaking. You collapsed when you tried to walk afterwards. I don’t want you getting hurt…”

“I’m not going to get hurt, I’m not a child. I can take care of myself. I can hold my own against demons…”


“Just because I’m not an all powerful demon like you doesn’t mean I’m incapable!”

“You’re not listening to me…”

“You think you’re so high and mighty because of your blood. The infamous son of Sparda who thinks he’s better than everyone else in the world.”


“You’re just as bad as everyone else! You’re just the same as my mother!”

I was shaking as he tried to grab my hand, I snarled and pulling it away from him.

“Don’t touch me!”

And that’s when it happened. My hand connected with his face. I slapped him, hard, hard enough to leave a bright red mark on his face. His eyes narrowed as I stepped back and covered my mouth, my eyes widened in shock at my own actions. I’d just slapped him. I just slapped my partner.

“Dante… I-I’m so sorry!”

“Go back to the office. Get your things and go.”

I’d never seen the fury in his eyes before, I was shaking, and I was terrified. I gulped before rushing away, heading straight back to the office as fast as my feet could carry me. I watched him shake violently before slamming his fist into a wall, causing the wall to crack.


I looked up to see Lady on her bike, pulling over to me as she flipped up her helmet. I couldn’t help it, tears poured down my cheeks as she looked at me. I walked over and hugged her tightly.

“What happened? Where’s Dante?”

“W-we had a fight… I… I was such an idiot.”


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