He is Hot. He is Wicked and He is My Kidnapper. by daisy_3

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He is Hot. He is Wicked and He is My Kidnapper. by daisy_3

It's her birthday. Alexis goes out for a little shopping spree and gets tangled with some masked men who came to rob the store. All because of her stupid mouth. It might probably change her life. And now she is taken away from everything she was familiar with...and also has to cope with four hot guys. Two who might be interested in her, and the other two just happened to be twins. Add a couple of ridiculous friends searching for the missing girl, step sisters, old girlfriends and new loves...well let's just say Alexis is going to have an interesting 18. Look forward to action, crime, romance and yeah, hilarious moments!


Yeah yeah, it's just like the typical- oh this girl lives with hot guys... But c'mon! You know you want to read it! Freaking funnyyyy! Want to have attempted suicide by almost laughing to death? Then you know what to read! HOT. AND FUNNY! What more could you wish for? Jeez... You should thank me for introducing you to this god given book! Joking... Oh wait till you read it. Which you will. Then you'll thank me! Now get the hell out and read it!

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