When We Collide

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Hi Guys have a great story Idea I hope you like it here goes on and just to let you know it's a Harry Potter and Narnia Fanfic so enjoy and let me know what you thinks thanks for Reading and just to let you know I do not own the most of the characters in this book they belong to the fantasic C.S Lewis and J. K Rowling who is a massive inspiration to me so enjoy...



When two worlds collide we will have to face the consequences...

The time as come again to travel on a journey of a life time they will never forget to go to a place where they once knew to save it from evil, they are guided back to the hope, back to the magic,

Back to Narnia... 

The Epic Battle between Good and Evil is about to happen so brass yourself and enjoy...

Chapter 1 A Different World!

"So where are we going?" Said a very curious Ron.

"Well I told you we were going near kings cross station on the underground train but in fact I lied school doesn't start school until tomorrow!" hermione said bitting her lip mischieveously and feeling quite guilty about not telling them the truth.

"Why didn't you tell us though then we wouldn't have to bring our trunks and pets?" harry wondered questioning the girls who knew.

"We wanted us all to spend the day together didn't we and I thought you lot probably not wante to." Ginny explianed.

"You knew about this too, man now I do feel dumb!" Neville said that made everyone smile.

"Oh well mate you wasn't the only one!" harry said.

"I can't believe you three didn't know about it!" Fred said smiling.

"You knew too!" Ron moaned that made Hermione, Ginny and Luna look at each other confused then roll their eyes that was so like them.

"Of course we knew nothing gets past us!" George said grinning as Ron, Neville and Harry just sighed.

"We knew all along just because we didn't tell you idiots doesn't mean we didn't realise we wasn't going to Hogwarts!" Fred added.

"Well it doesn't surpirse me you knew!" Luna said.

"I should say it's a good idea even if I do say so myself!" Said a familar voice.  

"Professor Dumbledore, why are you doing here?" Hermione said.

"Well I didn't have anything else planned and I saw you so I thought I would just tag along." Dumbledore explained.

"Yeah me too!" Someone said coming out of hiding behind Dumbledore.

"Sirius, but won't you get caught and put in azkaban?" Harry said giving his god father a hug.

"Not while I'm here!" Dumbledore said firmly.

"Thanks Professor!" Harry said thankfully.

But, then their attention went to these four muggles again they were talking about some magical place they had never heard of before me they were amking the whole place up for a silly joke.

"I'm so bored when are we going back to Narnia?" A young girl asked eargerly.

"Lu we've been through this me and Susan are too old to go there anymore so I don't think you and Ed will be going back just yet!" Replied a older boy he was stern about what he was saying but had kindness in his eyes that shown through all four of them were wearing muggle school uniform and they were sat opposite them.

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