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'Come on babe, it's time to get up and get ready.' Matthew whispered to me.

I nodded and got up. Staying in the shower for what seemed like hours thinking of how alone I feel, if it weren't for Matthew I would have gone with my family.

My brother the last thing we did was fight. I never got to say goodbye.

They loved Matthew and were glad I have someone like him now. I wished they could've stayed for the wedding and waited for us to have children.

Even the pack have no respect.

They left to go to the Royal Blood pack, to stay safe. They wouldn't even come to my families funeral. Just left Matthew and I behind with directions to the new packs land.

Getting out of the shower before my head exploded from over thinking things again. I put on my black dress and heels, my hair up and natual looking make up.

Looking in the mirror I noticed I looked like crap, puffy red eyes from crying alnight, my skin looked sick and I felt like lying in a ball for the rest of my life.

Matthew came up behind me and kissed me on my temple.'It's time to go, we have a long drive after this.' I kissed him on the cheek and said,'I'm ready.'



Arriving at a motel, I decided to get ready for the funeral that was at 1 o'clock. Having a long, warm relaxing shower. I got out realising it was half 12.

I changed into my black dress, black tights and high heels, I throw my hair in a messy bun with no make up, thowing my black leather jacket on, I grabbed the keys to my car and left the motel room.

When I arrived to the funeral service, I saw three coffins at the front of the room. Infront of them was Maria with Matthew wrapped around her as if he was protecting her from the world.

They're both hurting. I won't cry this time, i'm stronger, they deserve smiles to bring them happiness.

I just walked up to the front of the room and greeted both Maria and Matthew with my arms around both of them.

Maria sobbed, she stood up and took one quick look at me before she attacked me in hugs and a kiss of the head.

I smiled at her and hugged her back, 'I missed you' she whispered. 'Just as I missed you to' I replied. I smiled at Matthew and he said hello and sat down.

Throughout the whole funeral Maria and I were unseperable.

At the end while Maria was talking to her great auntie, Matthew came up to me, 'Thanks you so much Aria, I haven't seen Maria smile or look at anyone since they died. She's missed you so much, I missed you to.Things just got worse for her when you left she cried every night and when she was alone. When they died she wouldn't talk to anyone, she'd wake up in the middle of the night screaming your name. We hate the pack for what they've done, abusing you, leaving us and showing no respect to their pack members, i'm glad we have you now. Please come and join the pack we are staying with please.' Matthew looked at me with hope and tears in his eyes.

I smiled at him and pulled him into a hug, 'I missed yous to' and gave him a kiss on the forehead as it seems i've grown and i'mm taller than him.

I knew Maria wouldn't be jealous. 'Matthew, it's nice to meet you, i'm the Beta of the Royal Blood pack, and I would love it if you and Maria would please leave the moonlight pack and join my soon to be pack.' I said with a strong voice.

He looked shocked.

Speechless more like.

That's when Maria showed up and said, 'We accept.' with happiness in her voice.

Maria and Matthew decided to come to the motel with me to collect my belongings and drive back to my home with me as they were going to call a taxi.

After collecting my things we left to go to Maria and Mathhew and pack my car with their things.

The journey back was long, but in that time I explained to them about me being Alpha Brad's daughter and next in line to me queen of werewolves when I turn 19, how i'm searching for my mother, and how i'm their new trainer.

They took it all in and was pleased that I kept my promise to Maria and joked at how I maybe went overboard. My father is going to love these two.


(Royal Blood pack house)


When we arrived at the pack house, some pack members started to take Maria's and Matthew's stuff out of my car bringing them to my surprise for them. Maria was to interested in the huge house to notice and Matthew was to busy looking at all of the cars there was.

Father came out the door and pulled me into a hug, 'thank goodness yous all are okay.' he kissed my cheek. I laughed,' Father, please i'm find.

Maria and Matthew know everything and i'm going to bring them to my surprise.' Father smiled and turned to Maria and Matthew, 'Welcome to the Royal Blood pack, you both are now apart of my pack and if anyone tells you otherwise please address my daughter, i'm sure she would deal with them. When Clover takes over me, Matthew and Maria yous will be the new Beta's. Maybe a wedding. Hopefully.'

Maria and Matthew looked shocked and overjoyed. 'Okay father, they get it. Don't go overboard.' He just winked and walked into the house.

Maria went to follow but I pulled her back, 'Come on did you thing yous were staying here.' maria looked sad and probably took it the wrong way. I grinned at her and walked off.

I knew they were following.

Coming up to the wooden lake house,

I stopped and said, 'Welcome to your new home.' Maria screamed and jumped on me for a hug.

'You serious you got us a home of our own, thank you, thank you and thank you.' she rambled.

'I built this for you both, as you are apart of my pack now and deserve the best. I hope you enjoy it. I will leave yous to settle. All of your belongings are already in there. Be at the pack house in an hour and 5 for a tour.'

As I was walkng away, I heard Matthew make an oath to me, 'I Matthew Walker pledge myself to you as your warrior, to be by your side through everything. After what you did for my Maria you deserve something I could give to you, my life.'

This made me so happy  I could cry but I didn't.

'I Aria Wolf, accept you as my warrior, to be by my side in battle and life.' my wolf was guiding me to say this.

Suddenly there was bright light and I felt like I was bonded to him like he was my true brother.He was like a protector, Maria understood everything, no jealousy just pride in her eyes for me and Matthew.

God, I have an amaazing bestfriend. 'Thanks you Aria.' He said to me, 'You're welcome big brother.' I replied. All of us laughed and seperated.

When I walked into the house, father came running to me,

'Are you okay? I felt something happen.' he  looked over me to make sure I wasn't hurt.

'Father i'm great, better than it. I have my bestfriend, her mate Matthew and he is now my bonded brother, father he has pledged his life as a warrior to me, isn't that great. And I have you. Its about time we started this training and get you your wife, my mother and their queen back home were she belongs.'

I laughed and shifted into my wolf, ' I love you ' I heard a woman whisper in my mind.

I must be hearing things. I ran the borderline of my terriority, giving of howling warnings to those wolves across the world. I'm coming Ethan and you better be ready.

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