Prim's P.O.V

I stared at the spot where my Nana once occupied. She was gone forever. It was alot to take in when she was telling Alex about her true self.

All of these years I thought she was the best person in the world. The one who would always take care and look after me and Julie until we could look after ourselves. I thought she would always have our backs.

But no. She was a lying bitch this whole time. She had told everyone that her powers were only the power to figure out somebody else's power. When really she had the same powers as Alex and my mom.

She told me that my Grandfather was brutally murdered and she was made to watch. But no she was the murderer and she had to watch because she was the one hacking him to pieces. 

She even had part in my parents death and she even wanted me, Julie and Alex dead too. The most shocking bit of all was the fact that she was in love with Lucifer. I swear that she must have been mentally sick or something. 

A sob snapped me out of my thoughts and I saw Julie tied up to a chair. Marcie was beside her in another chair. When I saw Julie bleeding I rushed over instantly and healed it with my powers. Julie would probably sleep for a while now. 

I quickly untied them and Marcie offered to carry Julie back to the house. I then quickly turned back to Alex to see him unconscious. Tears began leaking from my eyes again but when I saw his chest rise up and down I felt slightly relieved. 

"Alice!" I shouted and she ran out, still carrying Amelia. "We need to get back to my house and quick. I can't lose Alex." I said. 

Since part of my powers was super strength I managed to lift Alex. Everyone then grabbed hold of me as I transported us back to my house. 

I ran straight to my bedroom and laid Alex down on my bed. Using my powers, I then began looking for any serious injuries. 

Luckily I found that he only had a concussion and he would have to rest for a few days. I moved the hair from his forehead and laid a wet cloth on it. 

Giving his lips a quick kiss; I stood up and closed the door behind me as I exited the room. I heard Amelia crying and instantly rushed downstairs, but I already knew that it was because she was hungry. 

Walking into the living room I saw that Julie had been taken to her room already. Marcie was fast asleep on the couch and Alice was trying to calm Amelia down. 

"She's hungry." I said and took Amelia into my arms. "I breastfeed so I'll be back once she's fed." I said when I saw Alice looking at me questioningly. 

"Okay. I think I'm going to take a nap, it's actually pretty late." Alice said and I said goodnight before heading back into my bedroom. 

Alex wouldn't wake up until tomorrow so I wouldn't be disturbing him. 

Once I entered the room I sat down and the sofa. Whilst Amelia was feeding I began thinking about everything that had happened. 

It's as if my mind hadn't even caught up to what exactly had happened. But when It did the only thing I could think was, did all of this really just happen?

Obviously. I tried telling myself. I just found it so strange how my life could change so drastically in such a short space of time. 

Right now though, I finally felt at peace. I knew that this was all over now. That was it. Nobody else would be coming after us.

I had even managed to control my powers. Now I wouldn't have to worry about them ever again. 

Now me and Alex could properly be together and raise Amelia like real parents without any more problems. Amelia deserved to have a good life and I was determined to make sure she did.

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