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December 1998

Ministry of Magic

Holding cell #836

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Fear ran cold through my veins.

Failure! I kept chastising myself.

Staring blankly at the dirty concrete wall, I listened to the upset voices outside my temporary residence get higher in pitch and louder as the discussion carried on.

"There's no way that anyone, let alone Pansy Parkinson, can time travel back that far. It's not possible!" A man grumbled.

"The results of anyone doing that would be disastrous!" A panicked male voice claimed.

"There is no doubt that such an action would be catastrophic, Duncan. Excuse me mam, but are you saying she's already time traveled once?" A calm females voice inquired.

"Yes, I am, Miss. Abdelaziz," The familiar warbling voice of Minerva McGonagall confirmed.

"Based on my studies of time travel, I don't know how that's even feasible at this juncture. Tell me, where is the evidence that proves she was successful?" Abdelaziz asked in the same calm, logical tone.

I was careful; there won't be any.

"I sent Severus Snape and a few others along to collect it," The rich deep voice of Shacklebolt informed those gathered there.

Fuck! My old Potions Master was one of the most brilliant and scariest men alive. I wish that Granger would have done us all a favor and let him die as the Dark Lord intended. I really hate that Gryffindor bitch.

My heart pounded against my ribcage like a wild animal wanting to break free of its prison, just like me. Fear turned to panic as I did my best to stay sitting perfectly upright as a well brought up pure-blood would and looking like I was innocent of any and everything.

"What evidence would that be?"

The tension building in my chest felt like it was going to explode if he didn't answer soon.

"Pansy Parkinson's corpse."

I stopped breathing as my mind twisted in pain, trying to wrap my head around what was said. How can there be a corpse when I was sitting right here?

He killed you, Pansy! Draco Malfoy has wanted Harry Fucking Potter for years, couldn't you see it? That dick sucker killed you for The Chosen One!

My world crashed down around me as the last embers of hope I had burning for Draco to marry me and share our perfect lives was snuffed by the cold bucket full of truth being tossed carelessly on it.

Surprised voices were arguing the possibilities of this happening before the calm female sliced through the conversations and asked, "Why wasn't evidence of this brought forward before now?"

"It was decided that there was no need to stir up trouble unless Miss. Parkinson attempted time traveling again."

"If there was a killing, shouldn't Draco Malfoy have been charged for murder?"

"How can you charge him with the murder of someone who's still breathing and sitting in the next room?"

"He did it once!"

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