Zayn's P.O.V

Me: Don't let go of my hand and stay close to me because my Ex is right there.

Jas: Honey please I wouldn't even let go if she wasn't there(:

Niall: whispers: Isn't that Perri your ex?

Zayn: whispers back Ya it is don't make it so obvious mate!

Niall: Gotcha!

Perrie-Zayn? Zayn Malik? Oh my gosh!!Nice to see you!

Zayn:Hi Perrie -_-

Perrie- Hi! And who are these beautiful girls? points to Jasmine and Izabelle

Zayn: This is my Girlfriend Jasmine,and you know Niall and thats his girlfriend Izabelle.

Perrie: Well nice to meet you girls! I'm Perrie Zayn's Ex (: Zayn must've told you that right Jasmine?

Jas: Yeah he told me..

Perrie- Well yeah he was my boyfriend except we broke up because he got tired of me.

Jas: Ohh well I wonder why? -_-

Perrie- Me too! Just be careful with him you never know he might get tired of you too :D

Zayn: Perrie seriousley? What we had together doesn't have the same affect to me and Jasmine's relationship! At least she actually loves me.

Perrie- Whatever Malik. Just watch out Jasmine ;) walks away to her car

Jas: What a bitch.

Zayn: I am so sorry about that Jas I can promise you 2 things I will never ever get tired of you and I will always love you.

Jas: crying why do always say cute things that make me cry?! I love you Zayn!! *kisses him*

I just smile at her and kiss her back...she's definitley the one who I want to spend the rest of my life with <3

Niall's P.O.V

Me and Iz broke off from Jasmine and Zayn and went to the playground(:

Me: Race you to the slide! Winner gets a kiss(;

We race to the slide and I go as fast as I can so I beat Iz because I want a kiss from her even though she already gives me kisses...i just love her kisses<3 But she is way too fast!1

Iz: I WON! Now where's my kiss?! Haha

I kiss her and she just smiles...the smile that only heaven can make<3

Iz: So that thing with Perrie huh? She was kinda rude.

Me: She's always been rude!

Iz: How long have you known her?

Me: About a year cuz Zayn introduced me to her one time that he came to my house I never liked her to be honest.

Iz: I think I know why haha(:

Me: But enough talking about her!! Lets talk about you! Us!

Iz: Awww okay! But whats there to talk about? Were perfect! Your Perfect!<33

Me: I'm not perfect you are! But yea we are perfect together<3

Iz: Yes you are I honestley never thought I would eve find a guy as perfect and amazing as you are!

Me: Aww your cute(: thanks babe i love you<33

Iz: I love you moree! *kisses him* <33

Me: *kiss her back* So I was thinking if you wanted to go out tonight?

Iz: Of Course babe!! Where though? (:

Me: Uhh I was thinking I'd make dinner for you at my house plus you can meet my parents! And after we can go out to a movie!

Iz: Ya! Sounds good! We'll go together right? Since I have the car haha(:

Me: Ya basically haha(: Now lets go sit by the lake shall we? haha(:

Iz: We shall(;

So we go sit by a bench by the Lake and we just start talking about our future...serious stuff but I know she's the one<3 She actually fell asleep on my shoulder and I just had to take a pic she was just so beautiful and she lookes peaceful sleeping<33

5 HOURS LATER (while I was typing that I did that Spongebob Narrator guys voice when he does like the 5000years later haah idkk)

Me: You ready babe?

Iz: Ya hold on i'm coming!!

Me: Okay!

Iz came down wearing this: and Simple but she looked absolutley stunning<3

Me: I think you look gorgeous!

Iz: Really? Do u think ur parents will like me? Oh my god I'm so nervous!

Me: Relax they will love you i assure you!!

Iz: Okay I can do this as long as your by my side okay? Don't leave me with your parents alone! I've only met my ex-boyfriends parents so I have barely enough experience with parents!

Me: Babe you can do this ok?

Iz: Okay i love you<33

Me: I love you more<33


So what did u guys think?  A bit short but there will be more soon I assure you!! Tweet me or Comment what you think should happen next or what you think will happen next!! Thanks for reading babes! xxx

~Izabelle .xx


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