“Sammie! Can you come down here now? Dean is supposed to be here any second and I want you to greet him!” Carol called from downstairs. I was on my bed pulling my knee high black Converse on with a ruffled goth skirt and a Nirvana t-shirt.

I pulled my dyed blood red hair into a high ponytail on top of my head and then fixed and re-smudged the black eyeliner surrounding my eyes.

“Yeah, I'm coming Carol!” I called back to her and ran down the stairs. Practically falling on my face when I got to the bottom.

“Well don't you look... pretty.” Carol smiled as I made my way to her side.

Carol doesn't necessarily like the way I or almost all of the kids that have been through here dress, but she doesn't complain. She's actually really nice and really lenient. If the kid she has custody of gets in trouble with the law or the school, she doesn't send them back to or to the group home like most foster parents would. She works through the problem. Not to mention when it comes to having people come over, it's the more the merrier around here.

I actually really like this place.

A knock on the door startled me and Carol quickly answered it. A woman in nurses scrubs was standing next to a sit foot, well built, teenage boy. Only he definitely didn't look like a boy. He was all man. He was tan like he had spent all summer sitting on a beach somewhere. His eyes were the darkest shade of black I had ever seen. Like charcoal. Black, hard, and cold. He had a silver bridge piercing on his nose between his eyes and from under his V-neck, long sleeved, black shirt I could see a tattoo. But I couldn't make out what the tattoo said. His dark brown hair laid about two inches long on top of his head and was going every different direction possible.

My first impression of him honestly, he was cute in a bad ass sort of way.

I quickly changed my mind though, sort of.

“Hello, you must be Carol. My name is Melissa, I was Dean's nurse at Care Fleet. This is my card, be sure to call me if you have any questions or issues with Dean. Oh, and he will need to come in every two months for a prescription refill and a psychiatric evaluation.” Melissa spoke to Carol and then handed her a business card.

Care Fleet is the mental hospital in town. It kind of scared me knowing that until I was eighteen I would have a complete and utter psychopath living under the same roof as me. It was only then that I realized I had no idea why he was there in the first place. He could have been a really nice guy and was just misunderstood.

Wrong again.

Carol looked at me sweetly and placed a hand on my shoulder, “Sammie, will you be a doll and take Dean upstairs and show him his room. I'm sure he would love to get unpacked.”

I nodded my head and turned to walk up the stairs. I could hear Dean's heavy footsteps behind me as I took my time going up. Dean's room just so happens to be located literally right across the hall from mine. The doors are in the same spot, just on opposite sides.

I opened the door and walked casually into the room. The door slammed behind me when Dean walked in. He threw his duffel bag down on the bed and kicked the dresser.

I was scared all of a sudden. That was the moment I had decided he definitely wasn't nice.

When I turned to look at him his eyes were cold, hard, and angry. Yet I held my hand out anyway, “I'm Sammie.”

“Fuck off.” Dean said sharply. His voice was deep and raspy. Only not in a sexy way. No man's voice is sexy when it's that angry. I suppose if he were having a normal conversation his voice would be sexy. I hadn't seen that that side of Dean yet though.

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