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(Edward’s P.O.V)

My poor little girl is in the hospital with a broken arm under the x-ray machine. I have found out that Tiffany was sending Ness all sorts of horrible notes. It made me want to go and rip her head off, she had no right to tell my daughter that she should be rotting in hell. Carlisle is treating her and we have to go to school tomorrow to top it off.

Carlisle came down the hall, from the x-ray room with Nessie’s results. “Ness has broken her arm in 4 places and 2 fractured. She has a pink pot and a purple sling,” Carlisle announced. We all went down to Ness’s hospital room to find Ness asleep with her arm tucked on top.

“Okay guys, Seth, Alice, and Jasper are going to stay home and help Esme with Ness for a week.” Carlisle told everyone.

About 3 hours after Ness went to hospital, she was discharged and we headed home, Ness won’t be going to school for a week, poor girl. We got home in no time and Bella took Ness upstairs to help get her ready for bed. Since me, Bella, Rose, and Em have to go to school in the morning, and we wanted to relax so we put on our favourite show, Lemon Le Vida Loca.

By the time we were ready for school, Ness was still asleep so we got in my Volvo after 10 minutes of debating and we drove to school. I went to my first class which is Math and I am meant to be with Seth in this class so I had it alone. In this class, there was Tiffany’s sister. I sat across from her which was even worse but I don’t think she will do anything.

About 15 minutes into the class, Grace slipped me a note. It read: Edward, go out on a date with me or else I will make Bella dump you and I will kill your precious Renesmee. What a bitch, great, she has blackmailed me into this stupid date so I have no choice. I wrote a note back saying: Okay, but only cause I have no other choice. Meet me at 6pm tonight at starlight. She nodded her head. I do hope Alice had a vision and will try to stop it.

The rest of my morning class flew by and soon, it was lunch. I met up with my family and we fake ate. Bella looked sad. I didn’t ask why but I would later, right now I had my date to worry about. I got a text from Alice and she said she knew what was going on, she also said Ness was much better but her arm was healing like a human’s.

 “Guys, Ness is much better but her arm is healing slowly like a human’s would,” I told them.

(Emmett's P.O.V)

According to Alice Ness is better but will heal like a human because of all the injuries. O well I was going to my English class when in the hall a girl named Sarah White... White that name rings a bell wait that’s Tiffany Whites cousin. Anyway she came up to me and pushed me into the lockers.

"Emmett here read this and by the way you don' have a choice you will be there got it?" she told me in a harsh tone.

"Got it!" I said.

I slid the note into my pocket and I walked to my English class. I t was rely boring I don’t know how I would last about another half hour. Out of my pocket I pulled out the note that Sarah gave me it said: Emmett meet me at the starlight cafe tonight at 6pm or I will break up you and Rosalie and reack you family.

I definitely had to go because by the look on her face she was deadly serious, I had 2 more classes until the end of school and luckily Sarah wasn't in either of them but neither was Rose. I had Science followed by Art.

(Rose's P.O.V)

After lunch I went to my locker to get my History book, but when I opened the door a little folded up piece of paper came floating down. It read: Dear Rosalie at 6 o'clock tonight Emmett is going on a date with me at the starlight cafe, if you don't believe me follow him and Edward. Love from Sarah White.

I gasped I knew that Emmett would not do it unless it was a threat...would he of course not and Edward wouldn't cheat on Bella, this is probably revenge for what Ness did to Tiffany. I went to class and pushed all of the thoughts about that to the back of my mind.


(Emmett's P.O.V)

I had accidently thought about earlier near Edward and it turns out he had a similar thing happen to him with Tiffany's Sister Grace and we were both meeting at the exact same place at the exact same time. We headed out and drove to starlight, it was a beautiful mixed countries restaurant that was lit with candles and dim lights.

We got there in 5 minutes, it would of taken less time but we was i no rush to get there. As we pulled up in the parking lot we saw 2 girls waiting at the side of a red ford and they both had evil smiles on their face. I knew that they were Grace and Sarah, tonight will be awful.

(Bella’s P.O.V)
My first class was great. It was Rose and I so it was fun. We didn’t listen one bit but we already knew it. I just sat there talking to Rose who was painting her nails in a pretty pink colour. Rose never pays attention in class but we don’t care cause we always know what we were doing.
It all changed in my second class which was History that I was meant to have with Jasper. In that class, there was Tiffany’s sister Grace.

She doesn’t like me one bit. I was just sitting at my desk which is in front of hers writing down facts I know about Henry VIII when a note was slid to me. It said: Bella, you stupid cow, Edward doesn’t love you. He has a date with me tonight and if you don’t believe me, follows him when he goes out at 5 to 6 this evening.

I really didn’t believe her but if Edward goes out around 6, I will follow him. I trust Edward but sometimes he acts strange. I was concentrating so hard on the note that I almost missed the bell for third period. Lunch was soon so I might quiz Edward about it then.

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