sorry if this chapter ends up sucking, im sick and this is mainly just a filler chapter. this story has a few chapters left, and im concidering a sequal. but i dot have any ideas about the plot or the title. so, lets just see how it goes!

~Embrina R.H. out. HEY MACARANA!!!!!!!!

"Hello Niall," Perenelle said as I walked up to the 7 11 she was talking about. I didn't speak, so she did. "Glad you could keep your end of the deal Nialler."

"Only the lads can call me Nialler," I said sternly. She raised an eyebrow at my bravery. I was a little suprised at myself as well. "So, what do you want with me?" Perenelle pulled out a pistol and stuck it to my temple. I didn't really feel afraid. Maybe because I knew she was going to kill me and I wanted her to get it over with.

"Do what I say, and the bullets stay in the gun," she whispered. I swallowed hard and stared at her, forcing myself to keep my cool.

"Then what do you want?"

"Get in the car." I turned around and saw a mini van behind me. We walked over to it and she opened my door. I hopped in and she pulled out a pair of hand cuffs. She snapped one on my wrist and the other on the door handle. The door closed and she walked around to the drivers side.

"Where are we going?" I asked as she started the van up.

"You really don't grasp the idea of suprise, do you?" She asked, an evil smirk forming on her face. The van moved forward and I set my head back. The lads are really going to thank me for this later. Or maybe not. If I ever saw them again. I sighed and layed my exausted head on the window, my neck hurting from where Perenelle cut me earlier. My eyes felt heavy, but I didn't want to sleep. Perenelle could kill me if I did.

"So, what makes you think I was the one who tried to kill you?" I asked as we pulled onto a highway.

"I don't think, I know." I sighed and closed my eyes, memories of the lads entering my mind. All the concerts, the signings, the interviews, the time we were on iCarly. I loved that. Miranda and them were so nice.

"Why are you smiling?" Perenelle asked loudly. I opened my eyes and remembered I was being held hostage.

"Nothing," I said sadly, knowing I would never have that again. Even if I did escape, none of that would ever happen again. Not with Harry dead. He must be dead by now. But I wouldn't know. My eyes dropped and they focused on something on my handcuffs. I wiggled my fingers and felt the chain with my captured middle fingers. It was dry and crusty, like rust. Rust! Rust can snap! I could get out of here! I contained my exictement and looked out at the road. We were two lanes from the shoulder of the road. Make that one, Perenelle just shifted to the right. We must be getting off soon. I looked at the door lock and saw it was undone. The door was unlocked. Perfect, this just might work.

Perenelle moved to the right again, and just before she entered the ramp, I opened the door. I pushed myself out of the car and the chain snapped as I began to tumble down the hill. My body hurt a I rolled over a bunch of rocks and was stopped by a pine tree. My shoulder bursted into pain as my arm hit it, but I could deal with it. I rushed to my feet and blindly ran into the dim woods. The sun was in front of me, and I ran straight for it, not looking back. I held my right arm close to me as I ran.

"Don't stop running Horan," I said breathlessly to myself. My feet began to ache, because these shoes were not made for running for your life. But I didn't stop. I just had to get as much distance as I could from me and Perenelle. I couldn't hear the cars or the planes of the city. I couldn't smell gasoline anymore, or see the city lights. I slowed to a stop and colapsed to my knees. My lungs ached for air and my body shook from physical and mental exaustion. My shoulder was still killing me, and I guessed I mighted have dislocated it. I wouldn't be suprised. I really hit that tree hard when I tuck-and-rolled from the mini van. I had no idea where I was and were I came from.

"Crap," I whispered to myself. I shuffled to a tree and layed my back against its dry bark. I was scared of dying out here. I didn't want to die period. Not from Perenelle, not from Mother Nature, not in a box, not with a fox. I didn't want to die. I wished I had Liam or Zayn here with me. They watch those surviver shows and know what to do. Those shows scared me, and I could never imagine myself in that kind of situation. I used the tree to help me to my feet and I walked aimlessly into the woods. I tried to keep as much presure off my shoulder as posible, but it was really hard. The ground was really uneven.

"Lads, please find me," I whispered. I knew it would be imposible for them to find me here in the woods. I needed to find a way out. But first I needed some sleep. I can't remember the last time I slept. I walked next to a tree and layed downt at the base of it. I closed my eyes and knew the warmth of the sun would keep me warm as I slept.

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