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Chapter Twenty-Four


Aubrey's P.O.V

Dinner. An expierence to say the least. Well what really took place at Dinner. I was greeted with an array of purchased food from the local supermarket, precooked and kept warm in the microwave type of food. Not that it was bad. Just more of an expierence if anything. 

Once the food was away and our stomachs set, with a rather uneasy feeling we ended up lounging in his room drinking. Which of course ended in sex. Seems to be a rather common theme for us. It's not like I don't like the sex. The closeness of two human bodies, the sense of being wrapped up beneath the sheets with nothing but skin to skin or the only sounds to fill your mind are you breathing and the friction you were causing. No, those were the perfect parts. More than perfect parts.

It was what came after. Sleeping.

After all of that I didn't want to sleep, I wanted to do it again or I just wanted to lay there in his arms. 

Though I had no heart to tell him that. No guts in that matter. Which I found rather odd. I could easily call Zac out when he wanted to be an ass, but when I wanted something I found my toungue wrapped in the silk sheets that was my insides. Rather pathetic on my part, truley. Though that's what I want, that's what I was craving at this moment as I laid in his arms.

My mind thinking truley about what I thought about this whole thing. About how healthy this little thing was becoming. I want to be his girlfriend, or someething like that. Though the hiding it from others and the real thing only being sex really set me off. I knew all about him, he knew little about me.

My body lifted me up as I slipeed from his arms and onto the floor. To which I ended up sitting, back against the bed and eyes out the window, as my mind began to think of all the little things. The details ran through my head as I tried to think if I really wanted all of this. 

Part of me was hoping my mind would know what to do next. 

Jimmy's P.O.V

Right, left, right, left, right. 

Ozzy tosses the ball against the wall, I have to catch it. 

Simple concept, but you really have to be quick. Music lightly sings in the background as my eyes stare straight ahead. Rocking side to side as a quickly run my toung over my top front teeth. I have to be ready for his next through. I have to be fast.

I move my shoulders up and down as I keep my thoughts clear. Nothing more I can really do than what I am already doing, then it hits me. 

"Come on' Ozzy," my voice is really a mere mutter but I hold a smile as I say it. My weight rocking this way and that as I weight for the old' man to throw the damn ball. "Come on Ol' Man." Just as I had hoped, the ball flies from behind me- from where Ozzy is and bouces against the brick wall.

I have to stay focused, focused. 

Boom, right hand up. Ball in my hand. Perfect. The noise from it echoes off the walls as I stand up and give the ball a good squeeze. My eyes looking down at the blue little plastic thing. Suddenly I feel Ozzy standing to my side patting my back. 

"Good Job 'Champ, I think you'll be all good for the All Star Team."  The smile he holds just screams how proud he is of me, it makes me feel like I am on top of the world. Like nothing is standing in my way. Which is more or less the truth.

It was my time to shine.

Zachary's P.O.V

 My eyelids slowly made their way open as I reached over to my nightstand for my phone. Where the hell was that damn think, I thought as I let out a little grunt. Finally after moments of looking for it, I opened my eyes fully and leaned over to see my phone was on top of my alarm clock. A small sigh escaped my lips as I grabbed that fucker and looked at the time.

Of course when I llook back at it now I realize I could have just looked at my alarm clock, but it was really fucking early.

Eight ten blinded me as I clicked a button on my phone. All the while the smell of bacon flooded my nose. At first I thought it was probably Ethan, though I knew for a fact he was over at his girlfriend's family's home till the end of break. Which was 2 days still. 

Moving my eyes to the left I noticed Aubrey wasn't still in bed. A smile began to be painted on my face as I put the phone down on the bed and slide my way out of bed for heading over to my draw to pull out a fresh pair of underwear and shorts. With that I made my way to the kitchen. 

Stepping into the room that was the main source of that heavenly smell I saw Aub standing there at the stove in one of my large button up shirts. A small hum was coming from her to some tune that I might have heard before. Her hips slightly swayed as she did this and that, her hum still flowing about in the room. Then that blonde hair in a messy think all around. She looked pretty cute. And I couldn't help myself. 

Clearing my throat I watched as she stopped all that she was doing and turn her head to glance back at me. "Morning." She muttered as she turned back around. I tilted my head slightly as I muttered a "Morning to you too" before heading over and planting a kiss on the base of her neck. As I did that my hands slide around her and rested on stomach bringing her closer to me. Then I turned to giving her a kiss on the ear.

"I'm trying to make breakfast," she whispered trying to shake loose from my hold. Though I could see the pink tint on her cheeks and the upwards curve of her lips. She loved it, or well she was showing she was.

"Okay- Okay I'll back down." With another shake of the head I headed over taking a seat at the table and seeing the paper right there. Opening the page I began to read the sports section before announcing, "Hey I have a little practice thing today, you want to come?"

Glancing up from my paper I watched as she scooped the bacon onto a plate and headed towards the table. Taking a seat across from me and putting the, still slightly sizzling, for us as she crossed her legs. "That's in my contract Zac-y." Her laugh filled the air as she bravely picked up a piece of the porky goodness. A slight wince of the face as she took a large bite. I did the same as she slowly began to chew.

"Might as well still ask,well- we're leaving in 40." 


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