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My eyes, once closed to bloodied fields of gray have released a once veiled door.

I saw this gentle golden ray upon the soft white surrounding my view;

sending out a spreading glimmer to all it could possibly meet.

Short-lived imprints then followed me while wandering here to there;

I grew unsure of the scene before me, because no path lay bare.

So I nestled beside a majestic trunk in nature's historic domain;

with a whistling gust of wind it stood firm, whilst releasing a gentle sigh.

Looking up along its armor I began to feel dizzy, for it towered over all;

with arms reaching out to place a kiss upon a glaring winter's sky.

I then turned around in startled gaze to witness a choreographed display;

I arose to see four graceful dancers appear from brush nearby.

They dashed and pranced to elude the dangers, with instincts to survive;

with desperate chase they find safe refuge amidst a camouflage of briers.

And set in backdrops motionless against a heavenly canvas aglow;

images of white, brown, and green seem to be attached with mystical glue.

Pillowed clouds flow along their peaks bringing fresh blankets of snow;

a miniature world filled with its own production set for another's muse.

Upon shadows cast, I looked high to find a wonder searching for a prey;

then soaring about in circles, as the hunt's already begun.

With a bolt it dove down to the soil from out of a burnt dusk sky;

it was then too late for the hunted, there was no place for it to hide.

I then knelt beside a microcosmic world, lying beneath a teal cascade;

although carefully concealed, it enhanced this spectacular show.

I closed my eyes to hear a steady calming motion relaxing me within;

where insects drift along as passengers down a tempered rippling flow.

But with crashing and swirling that steady calm soon would end;

because gravity will win, again and again.

My lungs filled with oxygen, while my mind receives new birth;

I look out in awe, observing this fragile stage of created impressions.

I wait anxiously to be shown other wonders from this brilliant day;

my thanks are given for this preserved exhibit of amazing perfection;

untouched from the effects of chaos once portrayed.

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