Chapter One: Ignited-

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A/Ngif of Mitch (Hunter Parrish) on the side!

    It was going to be another long night, I could tell. Too many guys lingering about. Not quite drunk enough to proposition; not sober enough to simply call it a night. Wanton eyes and desperate tongues, wetting lips that I was sure I'd be looking down on in the back of an alley at any moment.

    And I was right, as I met gazes with a shaggy haired brunette from the back entrance of the pub. Green eyes glowing suggestively in the illumination of the street lamp he stood beside. He was toying with a smirk. It looked good on him.

   I kicked myself off the wall, nodding my head for him to follow. His stare followed me until I disappeared down the entrance of an alley. I was only stood waiting for a few minutes before he was there, hands pushing me against the wall as he slid down to his knees.

    I pushed my hips forward, let my head fall back against the cold brick as his mouth got to work. The chill of the air breathed softly over my bare skin, leaving a tingle in its wake and I gasped at the contrast of the biting air and the brunette's hot mouth as he took me in fully.

    My eyes dropped to watch him, only able to see his messy bundle of hair moving backwards and forwards rhythmically. The colour turned black in the darkness of the alley, and my mind slipped from its usual resolve, falling into fantasies of another boy.

    I grit my teeth, fingers threading themselves aggressively in the lad's hair, jerking my hips forward while holding him still. And I could feel the desperation entering my mind, wishing it was him here, down on his knees. Or better yet, if I was the one on my knees.

    And I would, god I would. I'd do anything for Tyler, if he asked me to. Anything. Oh fuck, the thought was nearly too much and I wasn't seeing myself holding out for much longer, against the feel of his mouth and the way in this lighting, the boy just looked so much like him.

    I guess I had a track record for targeting the look-alikes. I tried to stop myself, but found I made up excuses instead. It's my job, I can't turn a client down. It was far too often that I'd stumble across a dark haired boy with the kind of look in his eyes that I associated so much with Tyler's. Sly and secretive.

    “Oh, shit.” I whispered dryly, as I reached orgasm, throwing my head back with a sudden spiral of thoughts.

    I breathed heavily in short, ragged exhales, as I straightened myself out, tucking my shirt back in my jeans. The lad wiped at the corners of his lips as he recovered his height, holding out a few rolled up notes. His green eyes were blazing, and it was a bonus for them to be that colour.

    I took the cash and counted it. Satisfied, I shoved it into my pocket and left the alley way and the boy behind me, as I headed back to my usual spot. I found Tony waiting for me there, greeting me with a half-hug.

    “Lot of nervous faces here tonight.” He acknowledged, just as I had, at the all too sober men watching us like prey, gathered around with bottles of beer and pint glasses full of spirits that they gulped down valiantly.

    “First timers.” I muttered, scanning my eyes for someone who was just about drunk enough to give into their desires. “There somethin' special about tonight or what? Cause there's too many college-looking lads hanging about.”

    “Yeah, I noticed that. But don't complain, Mitch,” he put a hand on my shoulder and arched an eyebrow. “Better college boys than pensioners.” I laughed along with him.

    “I guess you're right. You seen Tyler?” I shouted over the thumping bass of the music, as we neared the entrance of the pub. Tony shook his head, disappearing inside. I paused, giving a last glance around the guys crowded outside, shouting obnoxiously in each other's company.

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