Ever since I log in to Chatroulette, I learned how many people in the world were bored. Some of them were looking for 'normal' fun and some others would just be seeking girls/boys, again depending on the sexe of the person.

The thing that's kind of interesting is that you know when a person shows on your screen, that you won't be talking to her for an eternity. So basically if  the person doesn't 'NEXT' you immediately, you may have a little chat for the next couple of minutes or hours if you two find a lot to discuss about.

And let me tell you that there are what I call professionels NEXTERS, who are random people on the website that are huge fans of pressing the 'NEXT' button. Sometimes I want to shout at them "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE if you keep nexting everyone?", but then I never have the chance to because they're way too fast at pressing that damn button.

At first those people were a minority but then after a while, they became more and more numerous on chatroulette. That's not exactly the worst thing that can happen to one, because there's a bright side which goes like this: The more these people press that button, the less people I have to next!

So I don't really bother staying on the page all the time, I can go surf freely on Facebook, Skype and edit my photos which is my main occupation actually. And when someone's ready to talk, they just send me a message and there's a sound that comes from the page.

I was editing some E-Cards when I heard the usual Chatroulette notifying sound bump. I opened the page and saw who it was about.

It was a 'male from the UK', that's all what I knew from his infos and he was saying 'Hi'.

Partner: hi

You: hey

Partner: how are you?

You: I'm good thanks

You: what about you?

Partner: not to bad at all

You: what's your name?

Partner: Moe

Partner: urs?

You: Clem

You: how old are you, Moe?

Partner: im 31

Partner: u?

You: haha I may be toooooo young

You: I'm 18

Partner: that you are

Partner: so where is your spaceship from?

You: oh from Venus

Partner: lol

Partner: and where in the continent has it landed?

You: it lands everywhere
.Yeah unpredictable, I know ;)

You: I just press next

You: and it lands in a different place

Partner: lol

You: weird much?

Partner: ??

You: the whole thing about myself, do you find it weird?

Partner: nope, just funny

You: Cool

You: I see the weather's cloudy in the UK

Partner: yep and overcast

You: A few minutes ago, I was in Morocco... the weather there was sunny and beautiful

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