"Jasper, I think I can survive through the night." Christy whined as Jasper and Bella followed her into her house.

"Well, I know that you would never let me stay and this is the only way I am sure to keep you safe."

"But don't you think this is too much?"

Bella was to stay the night with Christy and Jasper and Edward were keeping watch from outside. Sure, it was scary that Demetri wanted to either change her or kill her, but was all this seriously necessary?

"Well, both of you have a good time. If you need anything just yell." And with that he was gone. Bella followed Christy up to her room and sat her stuff down by her bed. Christy's mother and sister were gone for the weekend, Lily had a mother-daughter retreat for girl scouts. With that in mind, Christy sat down awkwardly next to the girl she just met officially a few hours ago.

"So..." Christy started, unsure of what to ask Bella.


The girls sat there awkwardly and looked around the room for something to do or something to talk about. Bella stood up after a while and walked over to the corner of her room, where a picture of her family sat on her desk.

"They look really happy." She said, pointing to her mother and father.

"Yeah, we had that taken two years ago before my dad left."

"He left you guys?" She looked up and Christy swore she saw a spark of pain in her eyes.

"No, he is in the military. He left to go to Afghanistan for two years."

"Really?" Bella walked back over to Christy with the picture, as though she was studying it.


"I bet its hard, not seeing him for so long and everything..."

"You have no idea." Christy whispered under her breath. It must have been loud enough for Bella to hear. She placed her hand on Christy's shoulder and gently squeezed it.

"My father was a policeman at Forks. I never really thought of it until I was older, but I feared for him. Especially after I knew of vampires and werewolves in the area. I was terrified he would get hurt or that I wouldn't see him after school. That's why I tried to keep away. But that ended up hurting us both..."

Bella looked down back at the picture and ran her thumb over the faces. "Are you guys close?"

Christy never had a talk like this with anyone. "Yes. We are best friends." She couldn't imagine something happening to her father. Even though they rarely see each other, she would still do anything for him.

"Well, why don't we go watch a movie or something? I don't think sleepovers are suppose to be depressing."

"Yeah, sure."

The girls moved down stairs and popped a movie in the DVD player. Bella left to make Christy some popcorn as she set up the audio. Bella walked in a few minutes later as the movie previews were playing.

"Hey Bella, can I ask you something?"

"Sure." Bella turned over to her as she quickly scopped herself a handful.

"Why doesn't Jasper want me to be changed?"

Bella scooted up in the couch and stared at the television with a blank expression. "Sounds like Edward. When I was human, he refused to change me."

"But why?"

"Well, I'm guessing he doesn't want you to see you in pain or lose everything you have. I think he wants you to live out your human life than die and live as a... well-"

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