“Take care of yourself, don’t let that bastard work you into the ground.”

“I won’t, see you later!”

I smiled to Lady as she leaned against her front doors frame, dressed in a light fabric vest and shorts. I was back in my normal attire, fresh from being washed and put in the dryer. They were nice and warm now they smelt fresh as well. Thank god Lady let me use her washing machine, I didn’t exactly want to wash my unmentionables around Dante. I waved goodbye before slinging my bag over my shoulder, I’d promised to show her some of the items I owned. Such as my messenger bag that was now stuffed in one of my drawers, she’d also given back my plush but also said if I wanted to hide anything at her place, I could.

I hummed a tune to myself; I didn’t have work for a while due to taking a week off so I could catch up on any sleep I had lost due to working and hunting with either Dante or Lady at night. My head was recalling the things that had gone off in the past few days. My revelation to Lady, the Isaac situation… Even that one stupid little kiss that wasn’t such a little kiss. I really had to block that damn kiss out, pretend it never happened. It wasn’t any good of me to get myself into that situation by wishing for more of it to happen. Oh whom was I kidding? Deep down, I wanted to kiss him again. I wanted to have those strawberry flavoured lips upon mine again, I wanted to go further with him, to have him pick me up and press me against the wall of the office, to kiss me in front of everyone with more passion than I had ever felt in my life. I stepped to the side; clasping my hands over my mouth my face beat red. Where had that come from? I didn’t want him to do that! I felt my heart pounding faster than it ever had in my life, was it true? Was I seriously falling in love with Dante Sparda? My partner and my idol?

I breathed sharply, trying to calm myself down. I couldn’t be falling for him. It was impossible he wasn’t real he didn’t exist. Not in my world at least but here… He was flesh and blood. He had a beating heart; he wasn’t some form of pixels on a screen or some cheap animated drawing nor a bunch of words in the pages of a novel. He was a real living man. What was I becoming? I was standing, yelling to myself about a man being real in this world and not in mine just because I refused to admit that I was falling in love with the bastard. Even just thinking of him made my heart skip a beat, Eva was right, she was right about one thing. The falling in love with a man that didn’t exist, I glanced up at the sky then to the side to see Eva standing next to me.

“You’re falling for my son. Just like I fell for Sparda.”

“Eva… Please, tell me I’m not falling for him.”

“I’m sorry. You are falling for him, Masumi. And you can’t change what you feel for him.”

“It’s going to get worse isn’t it?”

“Yes, yes it is, Masumi… But you will deal with it. You wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t handle this.”

I looked up to the blonde dead woman, she gave me that soft smile she was known for then gently hugged me, I closed my eyes, letting my walls fall down in the very motherly hug. Was this what it was like to feel a mothers love? My mum never hugged me, nor told me she loved me. Or was Eva different to other mums in the world? I was scared. Deep down, I was so scared about what was coming. Not this mission but the mission after. You know which one I’m talking about. Devil’s Prison. Mission seven, Wishes Come True. I hugged Eva back, her hand gently running through my hair in a comforting manner.

“It’ll be ok, Masumi. I know you can survive this… You’re a strong, beautiful young woman. Dante is so proud of you… All of your friends are.”

I nodded as I pulled away, Eva’s soft sapphire eyes shone brightly as she vanished into thin air again, I glanced around before continuing on my way back to the office. I was falling in love with my partner, my idol and my mentor. Just another wonderful thing to hide from him, my true feelings for him. Great, just… Great. Shaking my head, I continued on my way back to the office, a cheerful voice making me turn my head and smile, stopping on my way.

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