Doctor Cate Conner

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"I want you to meet someone," Clancy said as he walked in for the second time that day or was the first time in a new day, Alex didn't really have anyway of telling how much time had passed as there were no windows. "Who do you think I would possibly want to meet?" She snared. Just as she said that someone walked in, a girl no a women, she was wearing a white coat, a doctor maybe. "I'll leave you two alone," Clancy said before walking out of the room.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Connor but you can lose all that doctor shit and call me Cate if that makes you feel more comfortable," the woman explained pulling up a seat and sitting in front of the cage Alex was still locked in. So she is a doctor, she though to yourself. "Alex, Alex Burkhardt but you probably already know that," you said not moving from your position. "Actually I didn't know. All Clancy said was he had a purple he wanted me to meet, so it's nice to meet you Alex," Cate said and Alex assumed she was lying. "Okay, so I feeling like you don't entirely trust me right now, would I be right?" Cate asked and Alex thought, could she be more wrong? "No you're not wrong, you work for The League and I don't trust The League so there for I don't trust you," she said still not moving from her position on the ground. "Who said I'm with The League?" she asked. Does she really think I'm that stupid? Alex thought. "Well, you're here aren't you and if you weren't with The League you would have let me out by now," Alex said, stating the truth.  "You are a smart one, aren't you Alex," said a man as he walked into the room. "This is my partner Rob Meadows, Rob this is the newest recruit Alex Burkhardt," Cate explained to him. Recruit, recruit for what? Alex thought. "It's nice to meet you Alex," Rob said. Alex felt something was off with him, something made this Rob guy seem creepy to her, very creepy. 

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