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Frank sat in his garage, tuning his guitar at his house in Belleville, New Jersey. His grandparents had chosen to move there after a while of living in Manhattan, New York. They moved right across the street from Linda Iero's house, his mother's. He hadn't gone in that house since he left to New York with Gerard that night. And he hadn't seen Gerard Way since the night they stayed at the Crowe's house, and that was a year and a half ago.

Frank Iero was now in a band with a few of his buddies. It was called Pencey Prep, the members were Frank as the lead singer and guitarist, John 'Hambone' McGuire as bass and backing vocals, Tim Hagevik as drums, and Shaun Simon as the keyboards and synthesizer. THey were friends, and they had made a few songs, Mikey ocasionally came across the street and sat in the garage when they practiced. John sometimes got some pointers from Mikey since he played bass as well.

He looked up at Mikey who stood in the door of the garage with his arms crossed. Frank lifted his head and smiled lightly at the taller boy. Mikey Way was Gerard's younger brother, he seemed okay that Gerard had left again, he knew that Gerard almost died the night Frank left with him. "Hey." Mikey said with his signature PokerFace. ( :| )

"Hey, Mikes'." Frank replied, he set his guitar down and stood up to go brofist Mikey. Mikey smiled at him and walked into the garage and took a seat on a chair beside Frank's earlier seat.

"What are you doing later?" Mikey asked curiously.

"Uh, probably this, but nothing really. Why?" Frank said.

"Well, Ray and I are going to hang out with Jepha. And Ray asked me to ask you if you wanted to come." Mikey told him. Frank thought for a moment, he didn't have band practice today, and he hadn't hung out with any of the Gang in a while.

"Sure, that sounds cool." Frank said with a smile. "When you leavin?" Frank asked standing up, he began to put his guitar away and close the garage door. All the band equipment was stored in the garage, he didn't want any of those crazy idiots from New Jersey to think it was open to take. He walked inside with Mikey and up to his room where Frank changed into a t-shirt rather than a men's tank top.

"Well, Ray is gunna come pick us up in a few minutes. I just gotta tell him when." Mikey answered as Frank and him walked back down to the normal floor of the house. Grandma Iero stood in the kitchen making mashed potatoes.

"Where are you two boys going?" Grandma Iero asked pausing from her mashing. Frank smiled at her and she looked at Mikey and grinned and came over to hug him. Grandma Iero basically loved everyone especially Mikey because he wasn't as loud as Bert normally was. Frank and Bert hung out a lot, it was good for Frank because it got his mind off things especially when Bert would do some stupid shit.

"Well, Ray is coming to get us and then we're gunna hang out with Jepha." Mikey explained hugging her back awkwardly. Frank had an amused expression, Mikey was awkward a lot unless he was with Ray because they were closest out of the three of them, and since Gerard was gone, Mikey spent a lot of time with Ray rather than his hermiting brother.

"Oh that sounds nice, if you boys are drinking. Don't get caught and stay the hell out of trouble." Grandma Iero said smiling at him, she patted Frank's shoulder and walked back to the counter to continue mashing the potatoes. Frank grinned and the two boys walked out the front door and Mikey called Ray on his cellphone. Damn, Mikey loved his cellphone, he was always playing on it and Frank found it hilarious because he'd get so sucked into the damn thing.

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