And the tears stream Down my face

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Chapter 1


Would you like to confirm your purchase? These words appeared on my laptops screen , confirm i pressed.I got them i told Lilly "No more" she said "After tomorrow"

I said Get down here you little brats .

My stepfather called us downstairs "Hey Lilly " he said pulling her in for a hug then Thump hit her on tge back with a metal cane. Ahhhh she screamed he hit me then I could just feel a bruise coming he hit me again right by my eye oww i started screaming and crying. Then i grabbed a beer bottle of the counter and smashed it on his head as hard as possible blood and glass were all over him. I grabbed Lilly and ran to our room . Tomorrow was going to be a start of something new for lilly and I , It would be scary but it could just change everything.

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