The carriage door swings open, and Leif helps me down. Isabel scoffs, and stomps away, bright blonde waves swinging. Lionel sighs, and shakes his head.

 '' I apologize sincerely for Isabel's behaviour. She normally isn't like this. ''

 I shrug. I'm so used to being treated that way, I honestly don't mind. That sort of behaviour just rolls right over me. Leif takes my hand and leads me to the huge manor we've just stopped in front of.

 The manor is pale blue with soft pink details. The gardens are overflowing with topiaries, but no flowers. Not a single one in sight.I frown slightly, but I barely have time to take in the garden further, for Leif walks at a brisk pace. The paths are made of dark granite, and my boots and Leif's are making loud, echoing clicking sounds on the stone path.

 '' Is this your house, sir? ''

 Leif scoffs.

'' No. It's Lionel's and Isabel's. Why else do you think the pink is there? And please, Mistress Sarina, call me Leif. ''

 I raise an eyebrow. '' Then call me Sarina. ''

He chuckles, soft, low, and deep. And also like music to my ears. I tug on my braid with my free hand, and we finally reach the door. The door opens, and a man in a suit says

'' Sir Leif Hendrickson, and.... ''

'' Mistress Sarina. ''

The man scoffs.

'' Mistress? I think not. ''

Leif, much to my surprise, narrow his eyes. But before he can speak, a light voice rings out.

'' I guess we'll just have to fix that, then. ''

We both step inside, and standing in the hallway is beautiful young girl.

 She has porcelain pale skin, and is tall and slender, with an elegant swan neck, high cheekbones, and a delicate jaw line. Her raven waves fall around her broad shoulders, and her pale grey eyes gleam like silver under her thick plume of fluffy black lashes. Her black brows are arched in an almost perfect, almost elegant way, and her nose is some what long and slender. Her lips are full and rosy, like her cheeks.  She is wearing a pale silk lavender gown that pools on the floor. Her lips slowly curl up into a smile as delicate as the rest of her.

Leif's face instantly lights up.

 '' Porcelain! ''

 Her smile simply grows. '' Leif. ''

 Leif turns to me, his face alight with a smile. '' Sarina, this is my sister, Porcelain. Porcelain, this is Sarina. ''

'' Sarina. What a lovely name. Come, now. Let's make you look like royalty. ''

I follow her.

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