Draco however, had a privileged lifestyle; he wanted for nothing and his mother and father doted on him. As the 7 month old child grew to be a pleasant 1 year old; he realised that as soon as he let out a cry, both his parents would run over to provide comfort and support. Narcissa very rarely let him out of sight but as he grew older, became more inquisitive about life beyond Malfoy manor; he began screaming and pointing to the front door on regular occasions, until his mother would take him to the local park. However Draco wasn't a social child and didn't want to play with the other children, preferring to push them down and run away; Narcissa wasn't worried about this behaviour, simply putting it down to that fateful night that his sister had been taken.

Every night the poor child would toss and turn in his bed, often waking up screaming and shouting something in a language that Narcissa didn't understand. She was often up searching for clue's as to where her daughter may be - but all records of a child named Zara Malfoy had vanished - she never existed and even the staff who delivered her could only remember a little boy being born; they had no recollection of a girl born too.

After a while Narcissa began to give up...whoever had taken her daughter had probably killed her by now, but that didn't stop her thinking about the small infant, wrapped in pink with her blonde curly hair and huge green eyes - who now haunted her dreams too. This only made her cling to Draco more - any toy he wanted, he got and as he grew older he was privately tutored rather than attending a muggle school, Narcissa often sat in on these sessions too; never leaving her child alone.

Lucius felt the sense of pride growing as he watched his son's first lessons; he excelled at reading and could say almost every word. Lucius often stayed up late teaching Draco things he would need to know - such as counting and basic calculations. Draco excelled in every subject and got the best possible grades he could - nicknamed the wonder child by muggle teachers, who never thought such an anti-social child could achieve so much.

On the morning of his 10th birthday; Draco was taken into his room by his mum and dad, they sat him down on the bed and explained their lifestyle - of which he would become a part of within a year, they explained that he would go to different school to his friends because he was to be a wizard. This intrigued Draco, he had noticed strange things within his house but thought best not to ask, he had also noticed that his parents became very reclusive a few months after his birthday - but also thought best not to ask. He loved his parents and didn't want to upset - or disappoint them.

Instead he awaited is 11th birthday - which was when he expected his Hogwarts letter to arrive.

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