Caged Lion

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Kaoru: Hey, Hikaru!

Hikaru: What now?

Kaoru: Wanna join my snapping club?

Hikaru: Kaoru, what in the hell is that?

Kaoru: A club where we professionally snap our fingers.

Hikaru: How in the hell did you manage to persuade the principal to allow such a club?!

Kaoru: Snapping.

Hikaru: *face palms self* Dear god….

Kaoru: *snapping in rhythm* We snap every hour on the hour!

Hikaru: Oh dear god, no.







Forsaken Twins




I sat there next to my little brother with my hand in his, stroking his hand with my thumb. Kaoru has been asleep for two days. The doctors have been saying his sleeping patterns are out of order and his nutrition hasn’t been maintained. He’s been torturing himself. Why does he always do this? Why do I always do this?

“I can feel you falling away. No longer the lost. No longer the same. And I can see you starting to break. I'll keep you alive. If you show me the way. Forever and ever. The scars will remain. I'm falling apart. Leave me here forever in the dark.” I began singing.

His frail chest slowly rose and fell with each shallow breath he took. My eyes examined the piercings on his lower lip. Small bright red rings circle the two penetration wounds. I used my other hand to lightly feel them. Hard cold steel against his lip made me think of a beautiful lion being caged in for a circus act. His lip rings were the steel bars and he was hoping that someone would unlock that cage and free him from the stares of a million eyes. He just wanted to get away from the whip and chair. If he tried to fight back he’d get punished and more than likely put down. Kaoru….you’re the caged lion aren’t you?

Kaoru’s face is pale white and his wounds mostly healed.  Kaoru, I know I say this a lot but please please forgive me. I’m sorry.

“Kaoru, I’m so sorry.” I whispered.

“You know, sorry doesn’t work for everything.” A feminine voice pointed out from behind me.

“I know, Sute.” I answered her annoyed.

“When Kaoru wakes up he will only hear how sorry you are. You don’t care about him do you?” Sute pushed. How dare she….. I stood up shaking in rage. She is the type of person that gets to the point and knows how to strike a nerve quickly. I turned around glaring daggers at her. Sute held her hand up to stop me. “Let’s take this outside on the roof.”

I just nodded and let her lead. Her back swayed just like Kaoru’s and she keeps her arms bent up close to her chest so her hands can me closed together. She must be nervous. Simple movements can be noticed if you’re observant enough. Wow, how hypocritical am I? Sute made a left turn towards these double doors that close back and forth a few times before coming to a complete stop. We pushed through them and a flight of steps spiraled up.

Minutes ticked by after each step I took. The air became more intense as sunlight slowly replaced the dull fluorescent lights. I squinted, placing my hand over my eyes so I could see. Again we pushed through doors and found ourselves at the very top of the hospital. I couldn’t hold back anymore.

“You bitch!” I spat.

No reply.

“How dare you criticize me! I care about Kaoru! I love my little brother-“

“That’s all he is to you, isn’t he!?” She fought back.

“What do you mean by th-“

“You’re little brother. Little Kaoru. My brother. You never call him your fucking lover, Hikaru! Not once!” She screeched.

“That’s not true!”

“Saying it at home or whispering it doesn’t count! You need to scream it to the world!”

“Scream what?”

“Oh my gosh! Are you dense or are you thick? That Kaoru, your little brother, is your lover!” She screamed. I panicked and covered her mouth harshly. She bit my hand.


“My point has been proven true!” Sute spat. “Hikaru, once Kaoru wakes up, you two will be in that cycle all over again! Stop being a fucking coward and be a true man for your lover! Announce it to the whole world that you love, Kaoru Hitachiin!” Tears started to stream down her face.

“Sute…I...” I began speaking apologetically but Sute shook her head and walked passed me without a single word.



Short I know but school has been going on for more than three weeks , im busy, and I have serious writer’s block! I changed the song of the chapter to Give Me A Sign by Breaking Benjamin.

Oooooooo what will Hikaru do? :3

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