World Tournament Registration

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“So here we are,” said Denox picking up his bag off the ground. Over 10,000 was in the area walking onto the ship in which the tournament will be held in space. Max, Corey, Eve, Denox, Dren  and Dice was all standing in the paricipants line. A team on 5 will compete against over 1000 people who also formed a group of 5. Basically 250 matches depending on the circumstances.

"So were finally here after all those endless training sessions, we shall not fail now, never," said Max sending pieces of glass at random people to get a drill. Each of them had worn the Resistance outfit that they all contributed into making. 

"I cannot wait to see what challenges await us," said Eve jumping up and down and stretching. 

"This line is getting on my nerves," said Corey picking up his bag. He just stepped out of line and walked to the front. People began to look at him as if he was crazy. 

"Excuse me, you do not need to cut line if you know whats good for you," said on teenage girl smacking on some gum. Corey turned around with a mean look on his face. 

"And what the hell are you going to do about it," said Corey. The urge for him to pounce at her like a wild animal was suffocatingly hard. The sun beamed down on his skin warming him slightly.

"Come on," said Dice following Corey.  

"The Resistance is here," yelled Denox in complete excitement making a scene catching everyone attention. "We are here so you all need to go home before you lose or end up dead." A tall blonde woman with her hair down walked towards him with a mean look. 

"No, The Bounty Hunters will win this tournament by default," said the lady. 

"And who are you," asked Denox with the face expression i really dont care what you think.

"I'm General Maria Cross. Founder of the Bounty Hunters," she spoke with bass in her voice. 

"Yeah right," remarked Denox. 

"ATTENTION!!!," her voice boomed loudly as over 100 people behind her dropped her bags and went to attnetion without any extra moments. "Look here, i really dont care who you are but i run this shit ok. My army is the best and always will be the best at what we do. And what were going to do now is win that prize money and that legendary sword that is up for capture." She explained with no fear in her voice. 

"Damn, Denox chill before she beat you like you grown," said Eve looking him dead in his eyes. 

"Ah, so you gotta back down because of your girlfriend wannabe," insulted Maria. Eve looked at Denox with, i'm going to kill the bitch look. Eve looked at Maria and got all up in her face. 

"Here's the deal Barbie,"  began Eve putting alot of emphasis on the Barbie. "When we fight in the tournament, if you last that long, i promis you this. I'm going to win and kick your ass in front of the crowd that watching. Maria just  stared into her eyes with no fear just pure concentration. 

"Fine, have it your way amateur," said Maria walking away. Eve gave a sigh of relief as she hit Denox  up beside his head.

"What the hell is wrong with you. She had a whole battalion ready to beat us to a pulp," snapped Eve kicking Denox into the ground.

"I'm sorry ok, but i'm not going to show any weakness in front of these people and we have to show them who run this like forreal," replied Denox standing up dusting off his clothes. Corey was writing down everybody's information on the sign up sheets and paid for the rooms. 

"Let's go, everything is settled handing everybody a room key," said Corey walking towards the ship. Everybody picked up there bags and walked towards the ship. In the back of Denox head he was thinking. "Earth, don't know if we will ever return." The shade had completely covered them. The ship itself was over 200 feet tall. Denox had tooken his first step on the ship and the gravity levels had changed dramatically. His body had felt alot hotter and heavier than before.

"What the hell is this," asked Denox struggling to walk.  Dice was the only person who seemed to not be having problems with it. 

"It's called Gravity Transfusion. It allows the people to change the Gravity on the ship and stuff. But i do not see why you are having problems its only 20% heavier than Earth's gravity.

"I'm not used to this kind of gravity," replied Denox beginning to sweat. It felt like bolders on his back and weights on top of them. Max seemed to be walking with no problem. 

"I use my glass on top of my head so i will not be that affected by it until i run out of aura so yeah," said Max basically reading his mind. Well despite the gravity Denox looked up for the first time. It was a huge dome with alot of different types of technology. Over 100,000 people were already inside riding flying scooters and cars. People had shoes on to make them fly to various parts of the ship. It was a food court, shopping centers, weaponary, dojo. Corey just looked every fascinated by everything that he saw.

"I'm going to the weaponary then straight to the dojo after that," said Corey

"Good idea," said Denox. "Get some last minute training in but we do not want to reveal our skills to the enemy."

"Relax Denox, i wil not reveal all my best moves, just basic moves that they'll all be impressed by," responded Corey. "I need to find out where those awesome floatation shoes are at." Max had his own creative way of walking which made him appear as if he was walking on air itself. They really had to watch out for their things because Dren had Ronokaje and Denox had Monokaje. 

"Dren what's wrong with you, you have been very quiet since we've gotten here," asked Denox.

"I'm fine, just very tired and it's alot to take all this excitement in at once with all the noise," explained Dren smiling for the first time in a couple of days. 

"Well ok if you say so, well let's go find our rooms, which will be a hassle because off all these people that might be in my way," said Corey creating water under his feet and floating. Denox just smiled and walked after them. Dren stood there just thinking.

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