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Chapter 5: Who Are You?

Jack had caught up with Alice and they walked in silence. It was slightly awkward for Jack as he still clearly remembered what had happened back there in the alley, but Alice was just focusing on the clear night and all the details of nature that surrounded them, the alley scene quickly forgotten in her mind.

As they turned back into the street of where the club was, Alice felt herself tense as she remembered the frightful man back at the club who was the whole reason for her running off. Jack seemed to sense something was off and put his arm around her in an attempt to calm her. Strangely enough, Alice felt herself relax under his touch and made no attempt to remove his arm as it acted as her own personal shield of safety.

Before either of them knew it, they were stood at the entrance of the club once again. Alice froze as she looked at the club and Jack looked at her a little confused. He didn’t understand her behaviour as he thought she had wanted to go back to the club to get Sarah. He just sighed; he would never understand women’s minds. He lightly tugged his arm around her shoulders, bringing her out of her frozen position and gave her a smile. Alice stared at his smile and felt her worries wash away, she nodded her head towards the club door and they both walked in.

Met by strobe lights bringing the darkness of the room to life, along with the music, Alice and Jack’s eyes searched through the crowd, trying to find Sarah. As Alice looked around, her eyes landed on the man from before. He was kissing some blonde girl with pink streaks in her hair. That relaxed Alice as she realised that he would be too busy to look up if she walked by him, if he even noticed anyone walking past him. She reckoned that she could stand in front of them and yell anything and they wouldn’t take notice. With that in mind, she relaxed completely and felt her body begin to sway to the beat. Before even she registered what she was doing, she had grabbed Jack’s arm and pulled him into the crowd of bodies on the dance floor.

On the dance floor, Alice completely let go and just felt the beat as her and Jack danced together. It was a heavy, grinding beat but her and Jack just did their own moves as somewhere in the back of their minds, they remembered who they were to one another – best friends, nothing more, nothing less. Then came on a really lively song where Alice and Jack were just throwing their most absurd moves out there and just taking the mickey. They were having so much fun, laughing at their funny actions and just enjoying each other’s company.

Suddenly, Jack grabbed Alice’s waist and hoisted her up in the air, high above everybody’s heads as he spun round really quickly. As Alice was being spun round, she thought she had seen Sarah in a booth at the back of the club. Once Jack had let her down, she shouted over the music to him, telling him what she’d seen. They both began to make their way towards the back of the club in a hope to find Sarah where Alice thought she had seen her.

Once they were towards the back of the club, they scanned all the booths and found Sarah sat between two very muscly men. She was laughing at something one of them had said and glasses littered the table in front of them, it was obvious that they had been sat with her quite a while judging by the number of glasses on the table.

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