Mum we're at the airport wake up!

I'm up honey I'm up!

Okay good you get out well  I get you suitcases

I grabbed their four suitcases and couldn't believe how much clothes and make up my mum had!

Okay becky kiss mum good bye and we'll get going

"Mwah Love you mom,dad!"

I pulled out at the hard shoulder and let Becky sit at the front.

So becky how does it seem spending 2 weeks with me in Cali?

Awesome You're the best Sister ever

Aww becky thats sweet 

(At home)

Becky We're home come on up!

"So I know you like this Justin Beiber guy so I filled your room with stuff about him Okay!"

"wow thanks Beth,If mum doesn't let me marry him will you he is so damn hot!"

"Your a little to young becky,but what the hell,sure!''

"Thanks Beth your the best" SHe said running up the stairs into her room.



Okay so I hope you like it if you want to know what Beth looks like Keira Knightely .-Bob

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