Part eight,

Harry POV,

‘Can’t believe you talked me into this.’ Ruby groaned, as we stepped into the hotel Lobby, after the short flight over to Paris. ‘And how exactly, can you afford this, Harry?’

‘Ruby, chill out, take a few breathes, it’s nothing for you to worry about.’ I chuckled.

‘Oh my god, my mum, she has no idea! I need to call her.’ She spoke.

‘She knows where you are.’ I laughed. ‘Do you really think I was going to take you to Paris, and not tell your mum?’

‘Guess not.’ She sighed. ‘I have a question?’



‘I told you why.’ I spoke. ‘Our last adventure.’

‘Something tells me you’re up to something.’ She groaned folding her arms. ‘There’s something you’re keeping from me.

Of course I was up to something.

We’re in Paris.

‘Not at all.’ I lied.

‘Whatever you say, Styles.’ She chuckled. ‘Now, run along and get our room, my shoulders are aching with these bags.’

‘Two moments, then.’ I smiled, approaching the reception desk. ‘Room for Styles?’

‘Ah, Harry.’ She smiled. ‘Prepaid?’

‘Yes.’ I spoke.

‘Ah, Anne?’

‘Yeah, my mum.’ I smiled.

‘You’re in room 112.’

‘Thank you.’ I spoke.

‘Enjoy your stay.’ She replied, handing me the key cards.


‘How the hell did you manage to get a room like this?’ She questioned, shocked. ‘Ok, this is immense, like, seriously.’

‘I do try.’ I smiled. ‘Check out the view.’

‘A balcony? You’re kidding me!’ She spoke, stepping through the sliding doors.

‘Tell me about it.’ I laughed, following her.

Well done mum, you did a pretty good job; although it felt like she too, was planning something.

Of course she was. She’s my mum.

‘Everything looks so pretty in the dark, all lit up and shiny.’ She giggled.

‘Just like you.’ I mumbled.

‘What?’ She asked.

Erm, what the hell Harry?

‘Nothing.’ I covered. ‘I’m going to take a shower, you be alright?’

‘Oh okay.’ She smiled. ‘Sure thing.’

‘Not be long.’ I smiled, turning back into the room.



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