chapter 3

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I felt the warmness of my blood running down my throat.He stared at me until i blacked out.I was barely breathing and he dragged my body and threw me into the lake.

Dakota's side

Where's Halley it's 1:30?Then Alex says maybe she had to go somewhere before she came and there was traffic.No she would have been here by now otherwise she would have texted me or called me.

Then Frankie walks in and i say what happend to your hand?He looked down and there was blood all over his hand he looked back up and said i must have gotten a cut and didn't notice.How do you have a cut that big and not notice?I don't know.

Frankie's side

So all the girls helped me get cleaned up.When Madi walked in and she helped get the blood cleaned off when she did she stared at my hand.I said are you okay?Your hand doesn't have a cut she whispered.All of the girls backed up and ran into the living room.

Madi's side

I had no idea what to do.Then i ran behind Tanner.Then Frankie walked out with a confused look on his face.Then Tanner said did you put Cassie in the hopsital?What no i just pulled a prank on all your asses you should have seen your face and he laughed so hard.

Rose's side

I just stared at him then me and Madi nod to each other and we chase Frankie around the house.After a few minutes the guys joined in.Frankie ran through the kicthen door way back into the living room and he fell right on his face with Tanner standing there laughing.

Then i asked what just happend?Tanner was laughing so hard i could barely understand him i made out 2 words trip wire.Then i started laughing while he got up and everyone else kept chasing him until they caught him.They piled on top of him and me and Tanner jumped all of them.

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