Chapter One

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Chapter One

"Dad." I knocked on his door softly. My black hair hiding my face. "Hang on" his voice cracked.

He opened the door and I saw his wiped away tears and smeared eye liner.

"Can I go out with Tyler. Jacky said Its okay with him" I asked faintly. Ronnie sniffed and cleared his throat "Sure. Be back by ten and make sure you bring Tyler back to Jacky's"

I straightened the snake bites on my lip and smiled "Alright. Love you dad." I gave him a firm hug and patted his back.

I turned on my heel "And dad. Mom is okay. I promise. She is looking after us." I looked at his blood shot eyes "I know, Case. Have a Good time."

I nodded and walked down the hall. I passed a mirror and looked at my shoulder. Eyeliner all over it. I took of my shirt and walked to my room.

I threw it in the corner of the room, I pulled a black V-Neck shirt out and put it on. I looked in the mirror and shrugged.

My light brown eyes hid under my black hair. My clothes were baggy from my slim body. I had to wear size 00 in girl jeans and they are still big.

My eyes glanced at my wrist. I frowned and rubbed it "They need to go away" I refered to the scars. I threw bracelets on my wrist and ran out the door.

My car was parked in the long drive way, it was Dad's old convertible from 2012. My mom layed in the back with a bullet wound through her leg.

I put in Falling in Reverse's old CD and played "The Drug In Me Is You" I sang like my dad, I blasted it and pulled away from the mansion.

The glove box Fell open and a bag of coke fell out. "Shit!" I threw it back in. If my dad knew about my drug addiction. He would be pissed.

I locked it and started to speed up again. I pulled up in front of Jacky's house and honked the horn.

Tyler ran out. His blonde hair bouncing in his face and his lip ring moving around. His piercing blue eyes looked into mine. I know I have a man crush on my bestfriend. But I'm straight. I swear.

"Hey Casey!" Tyler said and jumped into the passenger seat. "Hey Ty!" I said turning the music down.

"Falling in Reverse, ey?" He said. I laughed "Yeah. You can get another CD If you want" he shrugged "Nah." We sped down the road.

"Hows your dad?" Tyler asked with a concerned tone. "Hes really broken" I said. Tyler shrugged "Of course he is. He lost the love of his life."

I looked at the road Not saying anything "Where Do you wanna go?" I asked breaking the silence.

Tyler shrugged again "I want some damn pizza." I laughed "Your paying" i said making a U-turn to go into the pizza Shop.

"Deal." He said.

We walked into the small pizza shop and ordered. The pizza guy handed us our pizza on a paper plate and we threw it on the table.

"We should go to the mall after This. I need new shirts." I said looking at my worn out V-Neck. Tyler shoved the pizza in his face and nodded "Okay me too." He wiped sauce from the corner of his mouth.

We finished up and drove to the busy mall.

"Hey look Its the emo's!" Some kid said. I brushed it off and jumped out of my car. Tyler was right on my heels "Bro whats wrong?" I asked.

"Those guys are fucking scary." He said frantically. "Calm down." I said "Lets ignore them"

We walked into the doors and the cool A/C Hit our faces. "Where to?" I asked. Tyler shrugged "C'mon Vincent. Give me an idea" I said. "Fine Radke. What about Hot Topic?" He asked. I shrugged "Sure. I feel so cliché in there"

Tyler nodded "Me too, but thats the only place that fits our 'style'"

I rolled my eyes "Then what is our 'style' Vincent?" He looked at his feet "Um...Erm-" Tyler got cut off from a kid grabbing him and pushing him into the wall "EMO GET THE FUCK AWAY!" He said.

"I guess that answers our question" I said. I pulled the kid off of Tyler and kicked him "GO AWAY!" I screamed in his face.

He wiped the spit off his cheek and turned around. He walked away and then quickly punched my jaw. "FUCK!" I screamed.

I held my jaw and felt tears in my eyes. I held them back and jumped on his back kicking him and biting him.

"Calm down sweetie" I heard a female's voice say. It sounded familiar voice said. I looked around losing my focus on the dipshit that punched me.

I got pushed to the floor and snapped out of it. "GO AWAY STEVEN!" I screamed. He shrugged and walked away.

Tyler put his hand out and I grabbed it. He pulled my frail body up and we walked away. "Let me get a few shirts and we will go" I said walking in the dark store.

I looked at Tyler on many occasions. His slim body was so perfect. Everything about him was perfect. Fuck it. I wanted him. I threw the shirt back on the rack and walked to him.

I grabbed his wrist and pulled him to the back "You okay, Case?" He asked. I grabbed his face and kissed his delicate lips. I pulled away but Tyler pulled me back into the kiss.

"I want you Casey." Tyler said with his hips against mine. "I want you too Tyler"

I dont know how I'm gonna tell my dad that Maybe I'm not? Who knows. But I will see with Tyler.


How Did you like it? in my opinion I like This one better;D. But who is that ghostly voice that talked to Casey? READ TO FIND OUT:D.  

Till Next Time, 

Jesse xx

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