“Why don't you just go fuck yourself?!” Dean shouts as I push him away from me.

“I could ask you the same fucking question, but lets face it you probably already fuck yourself!” The back of Dean's hand comes across my face hard causing me to stumble back words and brace myself against the gray wall of Dean's bedroom.

“You are a pathetic piece of shit! You have no idea how badly I just want to put my hands around your neck and strangle you until your blue!” Dean screams and his voice cracks a little at the end.

I stand there with the pain of the backhanding stinging at my cheek, “You know I can honestly say I fucking hate you with everything I've got!”

“You know what!” Dean shouts and takes a step closer to me.

“What?!” I scream and take a step closer to him.

“I want to fucking kiss you so badly right now!” Dean yells right in my face.

“Then just fucking do it!” I yell back.

Dean slams me against the wall lifting me up slightly and crashes his lips down onto mine. He bites my bottom lip causing my mouth to open and he slips his tongue inside. Lacing and twirling his around with mine. I dig my finger nails into his hard chest as he squeezes my thigh hard enough to make it hurt. The pain is amazing though. All I want to do now is, all I need to do now is...

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Let's back this up and start from the beginning, shall we? God, talk about confusing everyone! I'm not the tramp that this scenario makes me out to be, I swear!

My name is Sammie Jay, no middle name. I wasn't gifted with one by my bitch of a mother. That doesn't sound very nice does it? Well, my mother wasn't a very nice person. Up until a year ago she beat me and tortured me in my own house. I got taken by the state, finally after sixteen years of abuse. I thought about running away, I thought about killing myself. I never could go through with either though.

So it was a bit of a blessing when they arrested my mother on my sixteenth birthday and placed me in a foster home with Carol. She's a nice woman. In her mid thirties. Carol takes in teens one at a time and lets them live with her until they turn eighteen. Giving them a place to stay, that way they don't have to live in the group home with a bunch of other orphaned, abused, and abandoned teens.

I got lucky I guess. I have been living with her for a year and a month now. Yeah, that makes me seventeen and a month.

Anyhow, I bet your wondering how Dean fits into this whole equation right? Well let me tell you.

A month ago on my birthday I received the worst possible gift ever. Carol decided she was going to take in another teen besides just me. Don't get me wrong I liked the idea at first. Hell, I was excited at first. I mean the guy is only a few days older than me. I expected a nice kid to move in and I would have someone to hang out with.

For fucks sake, was I wrong!

Dean Andrews is the farthest thing from a nice kid I have ever met!

He's rude, angry, stubborn, violent, and don't even get me started about his bad habits. His habits aren't like mine where I sip a beer and smoke a cigarette. No, this kid is a full fucking user!

Dean drives me absolutely up the wall fucking crazy. The fucked up part is no one except Carol, the state, and of course Dean knows what the fuck his problem is. He sure as wont tell anyone and Carol wont tell me because it's not her story to tell.

That's honorable, I guess. Really though, just fucking really! What the fuck is this kid's issue?

So like I said. Let's start from the beginning. The day Dean Andrews decided to grace me with his presence.

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