Chapter 20: He Left A Shattered Girl

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~~~ There is a lot of dialog in this chapter so brace yourself.~~~

Before I could stop myself I reached down and slapped Luckas across the face. “Ow!” He cried out. “Is that any way to treat an old friend?”  Luckas asked; a sneer in his words. I was ever so tempted to slap him again.

“Okay that’s enough.” Triston said from behind me. He leaned down and pulled me off the disgusting thing that I was sitting on. I’d been sitting on Luckas...

 I shudder.

“Let me go.” I demanded. Luckas was probably the boy I saw in my dream. The one who killed Michelle. I hadn’t been able to see the face of the tall guy in the scene, but Luckas was tall and... and...

“Brook, calm down. He didn’t kill Michelle.” Triston whispered in my ear. I looked up at him confused. My anger was still ablaze but was fading slowly, being filled with confusion and grief. But one look at Luckas would send me into another tail spin.

How could Triston be sure Luckas didn’t kill an innocent girl? “I’m sure. Luckas knows who you are, and who Michelle was. He wouldn’t have mixed up your faces and would not have killed Michelle by mistake.” Triston reassured me.  Oh, right. I was supposed to be murdered and Luckas wouldn’t have screwed up. Forgot about that...

“Well I didn’t kill her. That part you got right. But I know who did.” The boy in black piped up as he began to stand.  He didn’t even have his footing before Carter tackled him.

“You let someone kill her?” Carter asked. His anger was clear and his fist was slowly rising. The boy was going to turn Luckas’s face into a punching bag real soon if somebody doesn’t interfere. I say we all back away and let Carter go at it but... No. That’d be wrong. Sure we all trusted Luckas and now find out he’s a traitor working for the people who want us dead, but we need him conscious so we can get some answers.

“Well, I thought they’d just be killing Brook so I didn’t think much of it.” Luckas said; a smirk on his lips. Now I was really leaning towards the whole ‘use his face as boxing equipment’ thing.

“Wait... we?” Alice said from beside me.

Luckas opened his big mouth to say something but I cut him off. “Save it! We need to go some ware else. People are staring and listening.” The others turn their heads and listen to the murmurs swirling around.

“Okay. Let’s go to our room.” Anna replied. Her eyes are bright. Pricked with tears. So were everyone else’s. I sensed that they were all remembering good times with Michelle. I was the only one with very, very few memories. And it was because of the Worshipers of Eagon.

“Come on.” I say and start walking towards the dorms. Carter stands up and pulls Luckas by his cloak.

“You too.” David said and walked on with the  rest of the group. I was at the front and the pack. To our watchers we must have seemed like the heroes of a movie, walking into battle. If only they knew.

Not a word was passed between us. We were all too lost in thought to form words on our tongues. Even Luckas looked thoughtful. He kept sneaking glances at Amanda. She wouldn’t meet his gaze.

When we burst into my room I immediately  grabbed my spinny chair and made Luckas sit on it. Katie left then reappeared with a coil of rope. Why she has rope just lying around is a mystery that I don’t want to solve. The guys then got to work on tying Luckas to the chair. But Luckas wouldn’t cooperate. No, that would be too easy. He started to yell so Riley gagged him. With my navy blue and emerald headband. Yeah, I’m too happy about that part.

While Luckas struggled  I raced over to my bookshelf and grabbed the spellbook. I’d only looked at a few spells. But from what I can tell, this book has a beginners spell for almost everything. Amanda, Alice, Katie and Anna crowded around me.  “Okay. So what should we use? A truth spell maybe? I don’t think he’s going to give any information about the cult willingly.” I say.

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