"Everyone head outside!" A loud, kind of scary looking, girl called out to everyone. I assumed she was the drum major. I staggered out the door with the rest of the band. "Alright!" Called the same girl, once we were on the field. "Its time to.." She trailed. "Make a circle, make, make a circle!" Everyone began chanting in a sing-song fashion. I walked around blindly. "Alyssa!" I heard a familiar call out. I quickly turned around. "Oh, hey.." I said to Chris trailing off in confusion. "We do this every practice. Its just stretch out, don't look so afraid." He smiled reassuringly and led me to the circle. "Alright! Time for the talk. I'm Desha, or Dee, I'm your drum major, and I'm a pretty good one, unless you give me a reason not to be. This bands a family. Im the momma. Now, fin y'all a stretching partner. We'll do a stretch out, the go see Mr. Alamo to see whats next."


We went through stretch out, and walked over to see Alamo. Chris was walking with his friends, though, so I just walked a long with the group. "Hey!" a girl walked up beside me. "Im Kaitlin. Im in your section." She smiled. "Hey," I smiled back. "Im Alyssa." She looked around, "So, I saw you stretching with Chris.." She smiled, apologetically and widened her eyes. "He's.. weird." she laughed a little. "You can do better." We both looked ahead at him, walking with his friends. They did look a little..nerdy.


We stopped at the track. Oh gosh.. running had never been my strongest feature. "Alyssa?" the familiar, deep voice called out. "Running partner," he smiled a little. "I promise I won't make you be my partner everyday. I'm a rookie coordinator, which, even though youre not a rookie, I'm just supposed to make you feel welcome. Make sure you have partners for stuff like this for the first week. So,if you need anything, just find me. Okay?" he gave a reassuring smile. "there's only three more days of band camp. Don't worry." he said. He must have seen the panicked look on my face. I liked his voice. It was deep, and it was understanding. Like he knew exactly what I was thinking. He was good looking. There's no way around saying That.. I'd barely noticed we'd started running when I looked up. "You get all that?" he smiled. ", I must have spaced out." I laughed awkwardly. "We're just running one lap today. Stay with the pace of the group, and tell me if you need to slow down." he said, keeping his steady pace. I tried to stay as steady as he was, but right at the moment I was focusing on just staying with him, and ignoring the light headedness I was suddenly feeling. I couldn't be happier when we reached the end of the track.. "You -gasp- brought water -gasp- right?" he asked me, as we arrived on the field. I took a huge breathe before replying, "Yeah." I picked it up off the bench. "Drink lots." he said,in between gulps. I wanted to ignore that suggestion... Not eating breakfast was already starting to take it's toll. It felt like what ever I put in my mouth.. would come right back up.


I was right.. half way through basics block, I ran behind a giant brick wall, and threw up the small contents of my stomach. The mom's came rushing to my side, followed by Mr.alamo. "Can I get a rookie coordinator to take her back to the band room? Preferably someone not in need of learning basics." Alamo yelled to the block. "Got it!" the familiar, sexy deep voice yelled.Chris ran up to me. He looked.. genuinely worried. Did I really look that bad? "You know I'm not big on letting boys and girls go together... but I'm trusting you here, Christopher." Mr.Alamo sighed. "Alyssa, you're Okay with that right?" he asked, throwing a concerned look at me. I tried to say yes, but couldn't get anything out, so I nodded. It made me even more light headed. "Stay in there with her. The auditorium or the band room, only. Until music block. Be in the cafeteria at 4:30, alright?" he explained to Chris. "Yes sir. Got it," Chris smiled assuringly. "Come on," he said as walked towards me. He gently helped me up, and put my arm around his waist to steady me. He smelled so good. Even being sweaty and in the heat, he managed to have a natural musky smell. I wanted to lean into him more.. and I could probably get away with it, i could pretend I was dizzy or something.. but I couldn't get attached to a guy like this. I couldn't get attached to a guy. Ever. I made that promise to myself when I was 14. When my mom's boyfriend started abusing her. But, then my mom started abusing alcohol, and eventually abusing me. I didn't like getting sympathy because of it, because I've gotten used to it. She barely ever gets violent, it's mostly verbal. As we walked, I could see Chris's breath taking eyes looking at me, and his brown hair, wet from sweat stuck to his forehead. It was pretty cute. "You gonna make it Lyss?" he joked, with his crooked smile. Lyss..Oh my gosh. Alyssa, no. You're not aloud to get flustered by this guy! He was just messing around with you. "Yeah." I croaked out. "I'm so dizzy.." I trailed off. He stopped walking, causing me to go further into his chest. "Here," he picked me up, wedding style. I started to protest this, until he said the band room was half way across the school. I signed to myself. "Just enjoy the ride," he said grinning. I was stiff on his arms.. ive never had a guy hold me like this. "Alyssa, relax. I promise I won't drop you." he said a little quieter, and more serious than his normal voice. It made it sound raspy, and deeper. I relaxed my head onto his chest. The soft material of his shirt was warm on my clammy skin. I was half asleep as we walked in the double doors. To be honest.. I did pretend I was asleep when he whispered my name. Mostly to be in his arms longer.. This was so against anything I'd ever planned for myself. But.. just because he smelled good, had a sexy voice, and hypnotizing eyes, definitely didn't mean I was falling for him. He laid me down on the stage, with something soft under my head, it smelled just like him.. he sat there for a moment. Then.. I felt breathing closer to my face. He kissed my forehead. What was he doing?! Did he know I was awake? He must have. I felt something else, with the same sent, but a little laundry detergent added, draped on top of me. Again, he kissed my forehead, lightly.


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