Recap :

Liam looked around the room and noticed that there were banners stuck to walls and hiding behind a bundle of people on the coffee table there was a cake.

“This is some of my staff, obviously we are all on different teams” he looked around the room “some people here are on your team, I’m afraid the leader of your team is not here yet...”

He was interrupted by the floor flinging wide open.

“I am so sorry, there was an emergency..” the person said in rush.

Dr.Stratton rolled his eyes, knowledgeable of what Dr.Ainsley called “emergencies”.

“So you must be Dr.Ainley...” Dr.Ainsley started “oh god, it’s you” he said as Liam turned and faced him with the tiniest of grimaces.

Liam sighed, Dr.Stratton frowned, the staff all exchanged glances.

“It’s going to be a long day” Liam muttered under his breath. Alex gave him hurt look, he could not believe that Liam was going to be working here, be on his team. For some reason this made him happy, he glanced at Liam and knew he thought quite the opposite.




At the end of the week as Liam sat in his car to head home for his two-day break, he remembered he hadn’t actually told Alex where to come; he sighed and got back out the car. He knew that Alex would still be inside the building; he always left last. Liam walked quickly along the polished floor hoping to spot Alex amongst all the people bustling around.

“Liam!!” someone called from behind Liam. Liam turned and bashed into Alex, who gave him a bright smile.

“What?” Liam asked irritated that Alex had seen him first.

“Were you looking for me?” Alex asked curiously, slightly narrowing his eyes at him.

Liam gave him the tiniest of frowns and rolled his eyes “look, I forgot to tell you the address; it’s...” he paused as she caught sight of Alex who was grinning.

“I know your address; I looked it up” he said stifling a laugh.

“oh God, so I got out of the car and came back all the way here for no reason?” Liam said to himself out loud.

“I’m afraid so,” Alex said solemnly “look, I’m nearly done, wait for me?”

“I guess” Liam said and he took a seat.

After five minutes Alex emerged “come on,” he said.

When they got to the car park Alex looked around for his car and felt panic rise as it was nowhere in sight.

“Liam....where the hell is my car?” he asked in shock, his facing turning white.

“How should I know?” Liam replied, but it was pretty weird though he thought.

Alex suddenly felt his phone vibrate, he took the mobile out and cursed.

“Oh my god, can you believe my dad took my car, and he’s texting me know to tell me to hitch a lift, I mean he left hours ago, why the hell didn’t he ask or even tell me,” Alex ranted; he face returned to normal colour.

“Didn’t you notice that you didn’t have your keys?” Liam asked.

Alex didn’t appear to be listening, he seemed to be thinking.

“So, will you give me a lift then?” he asked turning to Liam asking hopefully.

Liam sighed and gave a little groan “get in” he said through gritted teeth.

On the way Alex interrogated Liam in every way possible; asking him endless questions, making sure he knew everything about him that he hadn’t learnt in the week already.

“Alex!” Liam said suddenly pulling the car to the side of the road.

Alex turned to him with a dumfounded expression.

“Get out or shut the hell up,” Liam said but for some reason he wasn’t that angry he found it quite amusing that Alex was asking him all these questions “Alex,” Liam began sternly pointing a finger at Alex “you have serious issues.”


sorry this was boring I know :p I've been having issues (all kinds) hehe


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