Chapter 21 - Showers..Who doesn't love them?

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A/N The second sex scene in two chapters..We're all sex scene hordes, I'm telling you! Well, enjoy it, because this is the second 'SB..!?' updated in one day, and its a hot and sexy steamy shower sex scene....That was alot of 'S's XD

This is dedicated to 'Georgelovesmcrandbvb' for persuading me to write this lovely shower scene :3  Hope you like it!♥.

Also sorry this is short, It was just that I had done a sex scene previously, and I didn't want to detail this TOO much..Also, I know afew people who are currently reading my stories and I'm partially worried that these stories will get about, and people I know will find them..Thats just plain friggin' awkward, right? *awkward turtle*


~Lacie's POV (still is)~

~Start of sex scene~

I dropped to my knee's and grabbed the sponge from the small ledge at the side of the bath and drizzled some of my Coconut smelling body wash on it and stood up slowly, brushing myself against him.

I rubbed it all over his chest, lathering it in softly, rubbing over his already hardened nipples extra carefully for extra pleasure. I did his arms, taking advantage of the position we were in and rubbed myself over him again.

His arms wrapped around my waist but I wiggled out of them and used the sponge to wash down his legs, avoiding his hardening member on purpose. He groaned when I dodged it very carefully, merely skimming the soft material of the sponge over his shaft, just to tease him.

Clearly It was working too!

He gripped my arms and pulled me up from my crouching position and smashed me into his chest and swiflty pressing me up against the tiled wall of the shower. His erected member was pressing onto my core slightly, making me heat up immensley.

I was a little embarassed I guess, standing naked in the shower with Ashley, but at this moment in time, that was the last thing on my mind. 

He kissed me passionatly, pressing his member closer to my core, making me jolt down on it. He caught me and slid me back up into his arms,

"We'll get there.." He teased me and kissed all down my jaw bone, to my neck, to my shoulders and he stopped there. He sat me down on the spacious shower floor, and continued kissing me, but placed his hands that were now free, onto my breasts. He fondled them carefully making me moan into the kiss, giving Ashley more room for his tongue to sneak in.

His tongue massaged mine, which I greatly appreciated, but the build up of pleasure was insensifying.

Removing one hand from my breast, he slithered it down to my core, the second hand following it. Remaining in the kiss, his fingers blindly pushed aside the folds, one keeping them there, the other one rubbing and tugging on my clit. 

I arched my back as this pleasure coarsed through me, making me whine, and my heart rate increased ten fold. He stopped kissing me and moved his head to my core. Examining my area, he kissed me there, which was a little strange but soon enough he grasped my clit inbetween his teeth and started tugging on it ever so lightly, but even that made my heart pound.

I groaned and moaned and shook on the shower floor as he continued to tease me down there, and at this stage, I wasn't sure If I was wet from him or from the shower!

I decided enough was enough for now, so I flipped us over. He gave me a questioning look but complied either way as I kissed a trail down to his member that was pulsing slightly, just waiting for this to happen.

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