In that moment that I walked through the door, I knew I would be attacked with questions and lectures but to my slight surprise, it wasn't how I expected it to be, in fact, nothing like what I was expecting, this was worse.

"Your back?" Adam gasped. Three more boys looked me up and down surprised aswell. I raised an eyebrow.

"What did you think? I was going to vanish?" I mocked through my tears, giving a small laugh. They all looked awkward and scratched the back of their necks.

"Sort of, Yeah." Peter said casually, I gave him a death glare, but he didn't retort anything.

"Eliza, we really need to talk to you." James said worried. My face dropped even lower, if that was possible. I could not feel worse.

"Right now?" I moaned tilting my head back. They nodded and disappeared into the dining room, not the living room..this must be serious! I laughed in my head. I cheered myself up a bit. 

But with their attitude, I bet they were going to ruin it. I took a seat at one on the tables slouching in my chair and fiddling with the mahogany wood on the table. Four pairs of eyes landed on my hands. I gave them a bored look and they confided that I was in a bad mood and continued.

"Your not going to be happy." Peter told me.

"Trust me, it can't get any worse." I whispered under my breath. They all stayed silent.

"Wait, where's your little friend?" James asked, looking around like a complete doofus. I gripped the table slightly, and to my surprise I hadn't realised I was using my power and a chunk snapped off. I gently put it on the table, nervously expecting to be moaned at.

"Dante." I hissed, they narrowed their eyes at me. I didn't expect any less.

"We will discuss this afterwards."James said emotionless."This Is more important."

"If she doesn't faint." Peter mumbled, I shot him a glare.

"Eliza listen, when is your birthday?" Adam asked seriously.

"Why?" I looked up to see if they were like messing around but they all had serious faces on.

"23rd August." I told them, shrugging it off, isn't for weeks why would they care? Their faces went flat.

"Fuck. Peter you were right." Ryan said, grabbing his head with his hands.

Peter scoffed "When am I wrong?"

"No comment." James said nonchalantly .

"Eliza," Adam sighed "Today is the 23rd August."

So, it was my birthday? I wasn't excited. In fact I was sad. I was sad that I couldn't even remember my own birthday, I was sad, that it was the first birthday my parents weren't here for, hell, I was sad that I didn't get presents, but what made it worse, I practically made a deal with the devil, on my fucking birthday!

"Worst birthday ever!" I said dragging out 'ever' I stood up ready to leave the table.

"What are you doing?" James questioned

"Going to bed.." I said like it was obvious.

"We are not finished."Adam stated. Oh. I thought, I slouched back down into my wooden seat and sighed waiting for them to continue. Of course it wouldn't be finished.

"Listen, this is going to get complicated." Adam said waiting for my nod to agree. I nodded.

"In our world that you are part of, between the ages of 16 and 18 your what we call 'of age'..." Adam said watching me the whole time, I frowned, and he continued.

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