"It's like a Dagger in my heart" ~ Part One ~

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Jessica's P.O.V  

I heard footsteps, so i headed down and BOOM. I hit someone in the face, then i've realised it was Sandra....

Karen's P.O.V

We heard noises so we went down and we seen Jessica and Sandra there, Sandra's nose was bleeding and Jessica was panicking. We asked Sandra, what happened, why was she missing!

Sandra: After our gig in New York, i got dragged out and then i got into a black van, there were 4 boys in black masks, they tried to....um...rape me *she cried* i got into their house, i was there for a month, one of them raped me *she gasped*...That night somewere about 3:00am i escaped, I took their money and came back to UK, please just don't tell anyone, i'm so embarrassed that they done that to me.

Jessica: Sandra, this is so horrible, oh my god!

Amy: Don't be embarrassed, it's not your fault

Kelsey: We are all here for you!

Karen: Are you okay hun!

Sandra: Thanks girlies, and yeah i'm better now!

----------A Month Later----------

Sandra's P.O.V

We have just arrived in O2 Arena London, we are doing a gig here and we hope it's gonna be siiiick. We heard screams and we came out to see our fans they are all so lovely, we got presents from them. I have no idea what would my life be without them! Oh i also heard the popular boyband called The WANTED are going to see us!!! MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!

So we are just going onto the stage, our first song that we are going to perform is called "Fly With You" the song means a lot to me, i've crossed quite a lot in my childhood so i just hope our fans are going to like it...

-------1 hour later-------

Kelsey's P.O.V 

We went to our dressing rooms, and then we got a knock on the door, Sandra went to open it and she screamed a bit. The WANTED knocked on our door...

This is the end of ~ Part One ~ hopefully you liked this, and i might put ~ part two ~ tomorrow night, feed backs please! Thank'you for reading this, means a lot!<3 xx

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