July Reminiscing

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  • Dedicated to Deontae

I just got off the phone with one of my best friend’s in the world. We’ve talked for an hour and ten minutes, and he said his mom needed him to help her with groceries and lunch.  Its three hours before we go to the Fourth of July cookout at my mom’s coworker’s house. My mother’s out, my brother and sister are outside. Outta habit, I began to pace as if I on the phone with him and I think about the last Fourth of July he had. ‘Must’ve been perfect’ I thought.

……. He walked to the pond, up the street from his house, smiling excitedly. He wore a gray and white stripped polo shirt, khaki polo shorts and black converse.  Once he could see the pond after walking for a minute, he walked to his girlfriend and his "Secret Spot" at the pond, inside the little island where no one’s supposed to go but, behind the tree so no one would see them. He loved the way the grass felt on his ankles when he was trying to get to the “Secret Spot”, it felt almost relaxing as if someone’s watching over him. So, as he walked the last two feet he closes his eyes, looks at the sky, smiles, and walks on. Which, really he should not have done because he’ll trip over a small rock and falls. He opens his eyes and catches himself. He stands up and dusts himself off. His girlfriend for three months come over to him and helps him dust himself off (the shirt not the pants or anything…) while chuckling.

“It’s not funny Nicole” he says trying to act stern but failing miserably.

Nicole, his girlfriend, grabs his hand and pulls him a little bit toward their spot, “Don’t do that it was a little funny. Admit it!” she says while walking.

He chuckles and looks Nicole over. ‘She looks good today!’ he thinks. Nicole is two inches shorter than him, has brown hair, brimmed wide glasses, and a great smile. Sometimes he is the one to keep the conversation going because she doesn’t say things at times but he’s learned to live with it more now than two months ago. Today she chose to wear, a pink graphic tee that said “Smart, and when I wanna be, SASSY”, she’s wearing yellow shorts, and green sneakers. She looks ready for today, I mean walking around talking and then looking at the fireworks later is always a great Fourth of July! Once there at the place, he sits down next to Nicole and just looks at the flowers. He doesn’t say anything, and she doesn’t say anything. He is just enjoying being in her company for a couple of seconds when it a holiday.

“So, how are you?” he asked her.

“Fine since this morning” she laughed and then asked “And you?”

“Good” he says and then he turns and props himself up on his shoulder, “I’m not surprised that my mom let me do this on a holiday. Really, thought she’d want me to spend time with her and Kia”.

“Maybe she does but…. She saw the happiness or excitement and thought you’d like to spend a holiday with your number one girl”.

He chuckles and blushes. Nicole laughs a little.

“No way!!! Shaun, I’ve never seen you blush before!!!!!” she says faking shock.

“I did not” he says trying to deny the obvious, “You didn’t see anything”.

Nicole looks over to her left side and just stares. ‘Why does she do that? It’s like he’s talking one minute the next she’s gone’ he thought.

“Nicole??” he says and waves his hand in front of her face a little, “Sweetie? What’s wrong?”

She shakes her head and turn back to look at Shaun, “Wha-Uh, nothing’s wrong I’m sorry. I just space out sometimes, it’s a habit”.

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