Some Small Hope For Society

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A few weeks ago my family and I were taking a trip to Universal before the summer was over.  On our drive there (we live in Florida), there was this absolutely horrible accident.  There was a truck that looked almost like an accoridian.  As we continued to pass it, we saw a man who from what my dad saw might've been missing a hand.  A bunch of people had pulled over to help everyone which I thought was absolutely AMAZING.  Some of them were helping people out of the rubble.  AMAZING  The man who was missing his hand would've had to have been really lucky to still be alive.  It made me so sad seeing that, and it really ate at my younger sister.  My sister was silent for the rest of the drive.  I was thinking about the man, how everyone was helping the victims of the crash, and how badly I wanted to help too.  I don't think I'll ever be able to forget about that.  The good parts and the bad.

(These next two paragraphs take place a few weeks after)

My family and I had gone to Berry Fresh Cafe the other day to have breakfast/lunch.  There was always this elderly man that ate there.  He always ate there by himself and it made me wonder if there was anyone left in his family.  Well while we were waiting there was a small group of maybe college aged girls and they were staring at him like he was some weirdo and they were superior to him.  Now I'm not sure if that's what was going through their heads, but the faces they made at the man kinda made it seem that way.  Once my family and I were seated my mom noticed that the elderly man was taking out these figurines.  I wasn't really sure what they were, but it made me really sad to see him all alone like that.  It was almost like the figurines were the only company he had left.  After I had finished eating I went to use the restroom, once I got back I noticed a younger woman maybe in her early to mid twenties, sitting with the man.  I asked my parents who that was.  I was thinking that maybe it was his granddaughter or something.  My mom then told me that it was just some random woman who was sitting alone also, so she went to go sit with him.  They were having such a pleasant nice converation together it made me really happy to see that some people in our society were still human enough that they would do something like that.

(Note that as I'm writing this chapter I'm starting to cry :')  )

Then later that same day my family and I went out to eat dinner at Carraba's.  We had been waiting outside for awhile for our buzzer to you know buzz?  Well I swear I was gonna blow my head off because of how long it was taking, and not to mention all the people sucking on cancer sticks -_-  I'm glad it took longer than it was supposed to to be seated though, because I wouldn't have seen what I ended up seeing.  There was a very old woman who was having trouble getting up from the bench she was sitting on.  She was there with her husband, but I don't know where he was at the time.  Anyway a group of adult aged people were walking out from the restaurant.  One of them noticed the woman having trouble getting up.  She had one of those walkers (if you don't know what I'm talking about just go look up walkers on google images).  So she went over to help the older woman up, her friends noticed her having trouble helping the elderly woman and went to go help also.  After a little bit longer of struggling to help the woman up, they had accomplished the task.  The older woman's husband came out and noticed.  They all joked about the older woman having a fangroup in a friendly manner.  I couldn't believe all of the helping I had seen that day.  Two may not sound like a lot, but how many times a day do you see something like that happening? 

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