“Wow keep ya voice down Brooke or else the neighbors are gunna hear!” So I had just gone over with Brooke how Zayn Malik signed up for my painting lessons. I haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet and she’s already flipping out. This may take a while....

“You’re telling me you taught ZAYN FUCKING MALIK and you expect me to be CALM!?!?” She bounced up and down on my bed.

“Well I EXPECT you to shut up and listen so I can get on with the story!” I pointed at her from across the room. She bounced down on the bed, nodded quickly, and shut her lips dramatically. 

I nodded in approval then paced the room like a college professor would do during a lecture. “So. I was doing my usually crazy dancin in the studio to cure my everlasting boredom when in walks all of One Direction--”

“ALL OF THEM!!? You met ALL OF THEM!?” She yelled with wide eyes.

“Yes As I was--”

“OH MAHHH GOD THATS SO AMAZING! Were they hot? Are they nice? Is Niall’s accent to die for in person? Is Louis really that crazy? Do they smell good? Did you get to touch Harry’s hair?” She spoke so fast I could barely even make out the questions.

“IF YOU LISTEN YOU WILL FIND OUT” I yelled. She shut up again giving me room to talk. “As I was saying...” I went on to tell her all the fun things Zayn and I did in the studio, and about the part when he invited me to get coffee. Which she nearly ripped my face off for, for not calling her. Then I told her the rest up to the point when he left after meeting Dylan at the hospital last night.

“You lucky bitch!!” She slapped my arm playfully as I made my way over to sit next to her cross legged on the bed.

“I’m not to sure of that...” I mumbled.

“Why?! He totally sounds like he fancies you!”

“No...I don’t think so he has a girlfriend...and its complicated...”

“What do you mean “Its complicated” She tried to mimicked my voice unsuccesfully.

“There’s more to the story...” I chuckled nervously. She motioned for me to go on impatiently.

“I went to take Dylan for some ice cream today and happened to run into them. We had a good time and they seemed like a really nice bunch of guys. Even Dylan adores them.” I giggled remembering how he talked about them the whole ride home. “But when I went to the bathroom just before I left I kinda overheard Zayn arguing with his girlfriend, Perrie. He said they needed a break. I was leaning against the door with my ear pressed to it so when he opened the door I sorta fell right on top of him.” Brooke opened her mouth but I quickly beat her too it. “YES! I know its embarrassing but I’m a klutz what can I say. Anyway, he starts to get really angry and upset over the fight and I immediately went into big sister mode and tried my best to comfort him. Which strangely he let me do...”

“So whats the problem here?” 

“I..I think I like him...a lot, but he’s taken.” I looked down at my hands to avoid looking at her expression.

She dragged out a long sigh.  “Well that certainly is complicated isn’t it?”

“You’re telling me? How do I compete with Perrie?” I huffed and threw my body down on the bed so I was looking up at my ceiling. I had painted the ceiling like the night sky, so every time I looked up at it, I could imagine being off in a far away galaxy and escape for a while. I studied the wall while Brooke shifted her weight so she was towering over me.

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